Darn It

i sounded like super smarty pants awhile ago at work. i insisted that it was heme instead of hemoglobin gives the red color of the blood. when i got home, i researched on it and found out that heme is part of hemoglobin so technically "hemoglobin"  can be considered as the correct answer. darn me. i hate it when i do something wrong. hate being a nostalgic perfectionist. *sigh* i guess i have to explain this to my colleagues tom. huhu..

i hate being wrong and hate myself for feeling and thinking that way coz i know mistakes are part of everyday living!!! why was i brought up like this!!! grrr!!! my heart is heavy..

note to self : "learn to deal with your mistakes you darn nostalgic perfectionist!"
toph toph
2 Responses Jul 26, 2007

it is soooooo hard....

I can't stand to be wrong, either. I obsess over my mistakes and become really embarrassed by them.