Yesterday as I drove past the grocery store where I used to work, it minded me of why I am a perfectionist.

I worked there in high school. I worked there part-time for 16 months and built up an excellent work record with great evals. Shortly after I turned 18, middle of my senior year, I developed very strong feelings for one of my co-workers. I told her about this at work. I never mentioned sex-- not once. But the assistant director got wind of it and forced me to resign. Sexual harassment, he claimed.

I am guilty as charged. I should not have told her anything like that at work. I believe we could have had a relationship, but I should have had sense to keep it off the clock.

She never wanted to charge me with anything. And the assistant director was fired for cause about 4 weeks after he forced me out-- stealing from the company.

This store is part of a large, expanding company with financial security. They have built new stores in and around my town since I was forced out. And it occurred to me that I could have still been with the company, in a management position, making over $50,000 a year, with 13 years' seniority. But for one mistake. And the moral of the story is---




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Feb 11, 2009