Watch Out

I get so caught up in perfection.  I’ve learned to back off in the last 30 years or so.  I guess that comes with marriage and kids.  I was desperately outnumbered so I came up with the perfect strategy.  I would learn survival skills.  I’m perfectly comfortable saying I’ve honed those skills perfectly.  Right now I’m in full survivor mode so I’m sending out fair warning to my friends.  Be on the lookout for constant mood changes, snippy comments, and perfectly ridiculous behavior over the next five days!

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My dad was a character. A brilliant man with a love for the crass and bawdy. He used to send me letters that always included several dirty limericks. I blame, er, credit him for my sense of humor.

My dad had a Montana Turd Bird on his desk for years. It had googly eyes and feathers and these funny little legs on springs. I loved that thing.

BWAAAH!!! DaneMom strikes again!

Ever see the stuff they make out of moose poop? Earrings and other jewelry. Too weird.

I think a moose pooper is the best one yet!

Well, then, get her a cow!

Actually, I had several. I bought them for my kids, too.

A pooping piggy? How YOU. ;)

Oh, you're right! or she'll fart or barf. Ewww... Lilt! I had a piggy that pooped when it got squeezed.

I agree. Lilt should have another makeover. She looks like one of those rubber dolls with the eyes and ears that pop out when you squeeze them.

I'm an EPig! Oh, we are just an edgy band of EPeeps, all right. Speaking of, Lilt is about due for another makeover. She's all red and crooked looking today.

Snip, snap, and goof away. That's what we're here for.<br />
<br />
Oh, and pig butts forever! ;D

Wart Hog! =)<br />
Y'all know when this avatar changes this thread will make no sense at all, don't you? I might have to keep the pig butts forever.

Oh, Dear... I thought he'd taken care of that. It's actually an injury of sorts from wild times in our younger days...

If you look closely I'm practically hairless. My pretty pink skin is begging for a tan. I invited myself to When's to go boating, but sunburn scares me. I think I'd better get the spray-on kind instead.

It's Tuesday and I only have to survive for 5 more days. If I let myself think "I have way too much to do in the next 5 days" I would go crazy, so you see? I've perfected it. I've also perfected my procrastination since I'm going for a facial today. =)

I am a perfectionist as well, I have not learned the survival skill yet, but I hope someday I will

I never could hold a curl in the heat. *sigh* Yes, ballz hangs to the left so there really isn't much of a problem with going potty. By the way, he's a wagger. I'll have to find a sturdy flower. I hadn't thought about that.

I will be procrastinating and being goofy all week. I need stress relievers. While lavender is wonderful for that, the scent fades. EP is always at my fingertips.

Awww My I love the avvie....and thanks for the warning in your story. I like your idea of tying flowers on your tail LOL

I think we should tie some flowers on our tails, though. What a great idea! See? I'm not cleaning as I should be doing, I'm procrastinating (which is what what happens with perfectionism: perfection=procrastination=paralyzation) but now I have the perfect idea for flowers!

Actually, no bouquet this round, just his beautiful hands!

It's ballznbattz's. This is what we'll look like up at the altar only I'll be wearing pretty shoes.

lauren, I'm guilty on that one. I need my smell goods and vinegar reminds me of the hospital and nursing homes. As far as the pretty shoes, I'm saving them for the big day. This is just our rehearsal picture.

I just mooned my whole circle and I vowed never to send a mass gesture. It was necessary. No gas masks needed, though, as laurenrecall suggested. I smell of lavender and vanilla.

So....... I'm still waiting for some of the "ridiculous" behavior to be displayed. What’s the hold up?<br />
<br />
(When you've thouroughly cleaned your home you can come over and start work on my hovel)

:( I want that "clean everything" feeling

When! You're up and moving! Yay! But Windex? Really? For some reason I really like the Lavender Vanilla Swiiffer Dust n Shine right now. I don't know why - I never put vanilla anywhere but it just smells great when I'm buzzing about and doin' my thing. It makes me want to clean EVERYTHING!

The baby can't be held held responsible for the baby gear and clutter. But her mom sure can! :/<br />
Glad you like my avatar. I'm the skinny one on the left.

Oh, Pedro! My daughter is the one who's driving me batty!!! It's so hard to treat her like an adult when she's living under our roof and I need so much help right now. I am quick moving and I clean like a fiend. She sort of moves in ssssloooowww waves and I just want to scream. Her idea of perfection is unloading the dishwasher. Argh!

*pats My's head and offers her some chocolate* <br />
<br />

*backs up and sits on Meg*

Dually noted....

Lilt, I'm harmless. I knew I was in trouble when I set my mood as being behind and needed an avatar to match. Pig behinds. Perfect.

Being something of a perfectionist myself I know how frustrating it can be when others dont get with the program. My strategy was to always have body bags prominately displayed....