I Am Citadelle

I first came on performance art when I learned about an artist named Vanessa Beecroft, an Italian woman, who worked out a routine and built a good following for her work. I subsequently learned about Elle Mehrmand, Annie Sprinkle and Verena Stenke, and I determined what my life course would be.

With my being Sephardic, from a French-Algerian Jewish background there was so much tradition which I felt would bar my way in being an artiste of this medium, of their character, so when I was seventeen I ran away from home, moving here to Avignon.

There are four basic elements to performance art, that are crucial to it, and to the very being for the artiste. These are time, space, the performer's body, or presence in a medium, and a relationship between the performer and the audience.

My art is very much like Beecroft's in that I try to perform wearing as little as is possible, without offending too many people. I have tattoos up the left side of my body, a copy of a Japanese vase from my grandmother's home (in Perpignan). It is quite unique, and I seek to expose it when I work.
Citadelle Citadelle
18-21, F
Feb 16, 2013