Beyond The Corporeal......

The surface; what is seen at first sight, what can be altered with 'things' outside oneself-look at me, her, him, and rate their value. She is beautiful, he is cute, she is pretty, he is handsome; they deserve respect, honor, superiority, adoration-these are the psychological conditioned misperceptions (in my opine) society has inculcated thoughtlessly-how foolish! The outside beauty can be taken away in a second; a car crash, fire, or other serious injury.....then who are you? You 'were' the pretty one, the handsome one, now your personage has been degraded. When I was younger, yes, I was fascinated with the fancy clothes, and the beautiful aspects of people i.e. their faces and bodies and thought nothing more of them. Since when did we need to place so much emphasis on the way we look, I know, it's been this way for decades.....that outer beauty precedes intellect and 'can do'! Now, I have fully over-analyzed the significance of outside beauty to inner-character; manners, authenticity, drive, intellect, desire, & strength-the depths of a person is no match for what they look like on the outside-I utterly believe and have practiced serious self-improvement of my character and mind. The reward is in the whole process!!!!!

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*yawns* I find the physical body utterly disgusting...<br />
<br />
And I hate it when people pile more crap on top of it like's just too ugly.<br />
<br />
Especially girls! Those implants aren't "curves" they are anomalies your body isn't supposed to have...<br />
<br />
Adam and Eve probably covered themselves with clothing to hide the ugliness... but now people want to show their hideous bodies to the world...<br />
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Ugh.<br />
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I'm smart and wise and everything people SHOULD BE, like you. But there are so many stupid people in the world...<br />
<br />
I've already given up on true love... Wonder what I'll give up next...

Thank you Ameliorate :) We both love nature and it makes us very happy .. sweet :) Oh yes the sky is a constant source of wonder to me too. The shapes of the clouds, whether fluffy and white and a million different shapes or grey and menacing with lightening bolts striking down from them, fascinating in all its variations. So many simple things to enjoy. I'm glad you're enjoying them too :) xox

OMG, phatnhapi you hit it right on the nail. Things in nature are some of the most fascinating I agree! Even the sky...which is the most beautiful entity to me; the clouds, the variations of blues and reds, the lightning...ohhh!! AMAZING! Thanks for your input.

Ahh it is so wonderful that you see that a person's worth comes from within and not the outer facade. Nothing can replace good moral values and ethics. Beauty shines from within. I have always said that if i am in love with a person's character, they will be beautiful to me. That is a natural process for me and a natural way of thinking. I am not attracted by the pretty shiny things. I would rather pick up a round, smooth river rock and admire its beauty than a shiny piece of jewelry. Rocks have jewels within them. Pick one up so the sun is shining on it. See the precious silver glints and glowing variations of colors as beautiful as any gemstone? I like collecting rocks. I can see amethysts in them. Cloudy quartz stones that look milky in appearance. You can't quite see through them, they are beautiful. Things found in nature are often the most beautiful and precious you can find. Roses and weeds have equal beauty in their own way to me :)

Thank you very much, you truly get it! :)

You are an incredible writer. Slowly the external persona erodes with age, it can be masked with today's technology with enghancers to slow the aging process, but it continues to fade. Character and soul will always remain contant and ever growing. The good never erodes, thank you for sharing :)