I Was Not Qiuted

I was abused as a child because that was enjoyment to my parents,My father used me for sex and for amusement because I was stricken with Polio when i was1, I mean he would sit me in the middle of a circle with my sisters and brothers around me and he would whip me knowing I couldnt walk. I was beaten so badly bye him that I was bloody and then my mother would drag me bye the hair into a steaming hot bath I would scream but all they did was laugh.My mother put me in the oven to try to hide me when social services came but she heard me crying and took me away. I was then returned to my family and thats when I ended up in the hospital for emergency surgery do to having only bugs to eat because I was forced to stay in the basement and I had serveral broken bones.My mother came to the hospital and she said she was not my mother, Thats the day they knew I was not silenced for good.
vioceforceqiute vioceforceqiute
Nov 26, 2012