I grew up as an extreme intovert, meaning i literally lived inside myself. I had no outter voice. I sought all answers to things from within, i didnt look for answers outside myself. I observed my environment closely in order to understand. What was outside of me was a contradiction to the inner me.

Granted I was raised up on certain values, norms, traditions,etc. however, i always knew that they contradicted the inner me. I had my struggles with society, religion, self, ect. like everybody else.

We are tarnished by the traditions of society and its philosophical and political belief systems. They are contrary to what is natural and real.

I have always been in tune with the true nature of who i am. Society hasnt tarnished me to any great degree since by being an introvert and living inside myself, I could always see the contradictions verses who i was.

Basically, ive always searched for the answers that ive needed  via prayer. I called out to what I didnt  understood and sought to receive back answers. Thats how Ive always lived my life and my spiritual journey has been my refuge and its brought me to where I am now. Self fullfillment!

baalark1 baalark1
56-60, F
Mar 1, 2010