My Wheels Are Gone!

I left the house this morning with Kodiak with the intention of going to the bank to withdraw some of my son’s money so he can have dinner out tonight with his aide. I got about a block and a half from the bank and suddenly my chair would only make right turns, right hand circles. I couldn’t move forward. I got myself turned around, got out of the chair, tried to move it without me in it, still with the circles.

A man came across the street saying, “do you need help?” I told him no, I thought I would be okay, I was on the sidewalk, in front of a business that’s not opened, out of the way. I had my cell phone this time, so I was able to place a call to my dealer who services my chair.

They were not available, so I had to leave a message with my cell phone number. The man sat on the sidewalk talking to me as I waited. It turned out he was the head of the neighborhood watch program.

The dealer called back and asked where I was, telling me the owner would be on his way as soon as he finished another appointment he was already on. I told her I was going to try to make it home, I couldn’t stay there on the sidewalk, as Kodiak needed to ‘potty’ and has been taught not to do so on the sidewalk, and I knew I could use the chair to lean on as I pushed it back.

I stopped every so often to sit in the chair. The man who’d offered to help me walked back with me. When we reached the yard I chose not to try to go in while he was there, after all I didn’t know him and he was asking me a lot of personal questions about my husband, the house, my disability, etc. He may have just been being friendly and making small talk, but being alone with only my son in the house and him trying to make friends with Kodi, I just didn’t feel completely comfortable.

I sat on the chair as Kodiak played in the yard, the man tossed his tuggy toy.

I told him I was going to take the chair and Kodi up on the deck to wait. He pushed the chair up the ramp. He said he’d wait until I got Kodi inside, but I told him I was going to sit on the deck with him until the dealer came. He left.

When the dealer came he took one look and said the right motor had seized. It would have to be replaced. When he came back to the door to let me know he had loaded it and was leaving he told me the tires were seriously worn too, and if I wanted him to, he’d call for pre-approval on replacing them.

He then told me I’m without a power chair until at least Tuesday!

I have the hab aide coming here this afternoon, a meeting with the job development agency and MH/MR tomorrow afternoon. I have a lot of housework to accomplish, now I have no chair. I don’t know exactly how I’m going to do this, but I’m going to have to improvise, perhaps bring a desk chair out that I can roll around on?…

So, I could sit and cry, meltdown with all that’s going on this past week, or just keep moving forward… I think I’m going to move forward. That’s my decision, right now, I can’t guarantee that decision won’t melt into tears at some point over the weekend when things are very difficult and I’m not accomplishing everything I want to, but that’s where I am right now. UGH!
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Souli,<br />
I still don't have my chair back. I spent nearly 2 weeks without any chair which put a great deal of stress on my family (they had to pitch in and do things I typically do). I asked for a loaner chair, which I finally got about 2 weeks ago. It's a manual chair, which means I have wheels under my butt, but I'm having a lot of trouble getting around. There was a reason why my doctor recommended a power chair, because the joint disease I have is in my shoulders as well. I'm using my feet to push the chair around the house and that's having a negative effect on my knees and hips. <br />
I'm doing the best I can do... there is still no delivery date on the motors for my chair. I'm calling tomorrow, ironically.... to let them know I'm expecting a discount on the parts for the inconvenience. I can't imagine letting someone sit like this for a month. It's a good thing I can still get around in short bursts by my own steam, otherwise I'd be up the creek without a paddle. <br />
<br />
Thanks for asking and being concerned. ((Hugs))