No Hip Sockets, Arthritic, Diabetic And Overweight..blahhhh

I was born with no hip sockets and i was doing reconstructive surgery while i was young, my last surgery was suppose to be when i turned 16, but my parents didn't have any moneyand no vehicle and no time to take me to the hospital which is 4 hours away. I am 45 now, overwieght and diabetic, so i do not qualify for surgery unless I lose weight and get my body free of any kind of infections,,,this is a bit difficult because it is next to impossible to lose weight when you can't walk more than 50 feet without i live in pain everyday and with the weather being wet and cold,,,or hot and humid,,the pain is at a 7 out of 10 almost everyday,,,i think the lowest level i've been is maybe 4...I hate being a whiny person but i have turned into one..LOL...and i really hate it!!
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I am right there with you. I developed my disabilities, the bone diseases and disorders as a result of physical child abuse. Along with the chronic pain came treatments that actually made things worse. Medications and steroids that made me gain weight, immobility that prevents me from walking or exercising has left me weighing around 400 lbs. My metabolism is all but non-existent. The surgeon wouldn't operate on my back to get me some relief because of my weight, but I can't lose the weight because of the pain. <br />
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The heat and humidity, the dampness wreaks havoc on my disability. I can hardly get out of bed, get out of my chair, do anything without my power chair. I have trouble breathing... so I understand your frustration. You are not alone! <br />
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I am 41 years old . I am 394 lbs. I was also born with congenital hip dysplasia. No sockets and now have severe arthritis in both hips, or should I say one hip now. The first surgeon i saw refused to operate on me because of my weight. I was discouraged , I asked God why he had forsaken me. I had changed my primary care Dr. as she agreed with the surgeon . I now had my parents Dr. Dr.Mario Capparucini who has since moved to Vermont. He told me to see a Dr.Wiesner at Binghamton General Hospital Binghamton ,N.Y.
13902. I now have a new zimmer hip on the right side and am having my left hip replaced by him Oct.26 ,2011. My recovery was a little rough. 3 blood transfusions and 15 days in the hospital. But I am now pain free on my right side with a socket and hip even my SI joint pain is gone on that side , and he lengthened my leg. It was a extremely painful wake up in recovery but every day the pain subsided. So I am psyched to do it again. Truly God has given this man a Gift. That is why I am sharing it with you . i can't stand to hear about your suffering . Which is why if you get help from him tell others. God is with us all he has not Forsaken us.

Dr.Wiesner is also a spine surgeon and does knee replacements.:)