I Am Disability Parson

i been a disability parson scare i was a 1 year old
in the 1982 and 2000 if you had a disability you was class as a nothing not even a parson so having a disability you also had no rights wean a disability parson go to preschool he or she get remove form the normal kids and into a close room because preschool Believe that disability is a desire in the 1982 2000 normal was not for disability so disability parson was stick in a bloody special school where they bloody tell you that you are disability you have no rights you will as you are told and you are not normal or human you just a special.
so they lot the disability parson rot for 13 where they tell you that you have to work in a work shop for lass then the min wage.
my IQ is 72 that is 72 P.E Teachers

change have hoped
like in
1987 disability rights in Australia
1995 disability and right in the state
2010 disability right was update

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2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

Yes A disability is not something that is easy to live with and I know here in California we have had rights for the disabled for years though I can't say as to when that began. I have known since I was in high school people with disabilities had the same right to work as any able bodied person. I love California for that reason but it is difficult to live her some times. I guess you put up with the difficulties for the good that is done.

I know what you mean. I am disabled too and feel worthless, no longer being able to work