A Fantasy

I always fantasised about being in **** where lust rules and everyone is honest about what they want and getting it by the bucket-load (sometimes literally). I always imagined that as time goes on in an **** all the rules and hang ups slowly disappear and everyone is fair game, partners switching, holes filled, balls, ****, *******, tongues and ***** bounce of each other covered in ***, saliva, **** and arse fluids whatever they're called. One minute you're inside a woman's mouth, the next you're inside the **** of the woman next to her then a tight arsehole , someone is fingering my arse while I'm ******* a tight ****/arse or sticking their tongue in my bum hole, I don't care who I just enjoy the sensation and **** even harder. bodies touch each other all writhing in lust. Men ******* women, women ******* women, men ******* other men, no rules, just pure dirty, raunchy, vulgar, honest LUST.

I want hear the moans, the groans, the words, everybody must be saying things to each other, encouraging each other, dirty words, raunchy words, vulgar, unbridled, honest lustful , horny words about their glistening, hard or soft, oozing with *** or pre-*** *****, they way they're shaped, curved or where they are pointing, about *****, how tight or loose or how much they are filled with ***! same for arseholes or ****, the way people **** or getting ******, or what they want to do to each other, lurid lewd words, women brag about how much of a **** they are and how perverted they and the men are. Touches, fingering, gropings and kisses, long, sloppy lustful completely degraded kisses, saliva, alcohol and *** filled kisses, deep kisses, men kissing men, men kissing women, women kissing other woman, no boundaries, no rules just lust, lurid, lewd, honest lust. Will this ever happen?
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12 Responses Sep 9, 2012

I got a hardon reading that!

I would love to take part in a crazy **** like that as well. Nobody cares about anything but getting it in and getting it off

I'd volunteer to be used right next to you ;) or used as a puppet by everyone to get things started. ;D

You can volunteer for me! I have great ideas!

Lets create the best taboo **** ever!

I am with you (in every way!). Naked and unhibited in a group where enjoyment is the only concern! I don’t think there is any act with anyone (Male or Female) that I wouldn’t consent to? I would love 2 join U in one of these orgies, I would suck drink and penetrate all I could while allowing my body’s openings 2 be penetrated by anyone. I would drink everything on offer, ***, Puss Juice, Saliva and ****!

Want 2 talk? Hope so – please respond!

Want to talk (real dirty)?

You got me Hot with all that yummy talk. When I get drunk I'll do anything.

Lol. I'll make sure I'm around when you do. Have a great new year and happy humping ;).

Thanks you too and hope This year I get more humping on me;)

I've never been in an **** but I've always fantasized about it.

Would like to be there too. Lets talk

It does happen!

Thanks for reading my story. Does it really happen?! I wish i'm in an **** like that one day. Do you know how things like that happen?

Nice desire!

Thanks for your comment, I hope you, I and your wife meet someday in an **** like that. I bet She would love my **** inside her very much!

Lol, thanks for your reply. I've never been in an **** & I don't suspect I'll ever be. The point of the fantasy is seeking pleasure to the point of destruction in which all barriers & all rules are out of the window for the sole purpose of indulging in the pure lustful pleasure of the flesh. To use and be used in an endless cycle. To "overdose" on extacy. I really appreciate your point of view if you want to "have fun" but the point of my fantasy is actually depressingly sad, it is as if you light all the matches in the matchbox in one go, to spend your life in a day, it's the cry of a tortured, numb & lonely soul which want feel the pleasures of the flesh to the max by shocking itself by giving it all to feel all & the hell with everything else. I hope that wasn't too much reality , I think it'll be cool to be with you in an **** though, you seem to know what you're doing... Lol.

Sure, if all the people involved say, "To Hell with disease!", and "To Hell with all inhibitions." uh, yeah...Lol<br />
<br />
I've fantasized about taking part in an ****, but I don't like other women's moisture shared between a man, (i.e. out of one woman and into me, yuck), and I don't like men touching each other, and I don't want to touch other women, but they can touch me. I have too many rules like a lot of people I suppose. <br />
<br />
If you could get a bunch of uninhibited people sign an **** contract, get tested, then get tested again in 3 months, share the results, but they could only have sex with people on the contract during that 3 month period, so trust would be involved, then go for it!