Fellow Pervs

I would love to find a place where people were around naked playing with themselves and discussing taboo sex.
feeeling free to pee on each other and show off what we can do with sex toys.
Both sexes just having ffun doing their own thing unashamed becase they arw in the company of like minded people
Justmehere1956 Justmehere1956
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8 Responses Dec 11, 2012

**** me in! Lets talk bad!

That sounds a great place! I am always comfortable being naked, U can touch and feel at leisure, pee on me (or in my mouth) whenever U want! It would be great 2 be in a group such as U said, ****’s penises anus’s mouths and bodies open to ALL erotic domains, U can talk taboo 2 me, I would luv 2 discuss!

I am sooooo with you! I love all types of kinky sex and especially watersports, drinking pee and being pee'd on. Count me in! ;)

Want to be there too. Lets talk?

that would be cool not into the getting peed on but it wouldn't bother me at all to see it happening.

You know how to suggest the things some of us sissy types like

What we need is a dimly lit cellar with a small beer bar. with a rule that if yo need to pee you just pee where you are.
There are loads of ****** laying around and its the norm to play with them and chat at the bar or anwhere else.
The only rule is there are no rules

I would join you there

its too cold here at this time of the year

but May through September should be nice enough weather for outdoor cavorting