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I joined this group like a week or so ago, and since then it is the only group that has been referenced by people that have sent me messages. So far, I've gotten 2 messages, one from someone that was hitting on me and another from a guy that told me he was horny; I've also got a chat message from a guy interested in sex/ talking to women. I am by no means a prude or else I wouldn't be in this group, but I didn't want that kind of attention just from joining this group. The reason I joined this joined is because I think the word is cute. I also joined because since I have been online which amounts to 6-7 years, I have experienced alot. I have been exposed to several different fetishes, gotten off on some weird things in the past and present. So I felt that I can relate to this title/word since anything behind the regular sexual norms is considered perverted, and I lie outside of those norms. I DID NOT join this group to find other "perverts" to talk to, I do not want to have a sex chat with anyone, I do not want to cyber with anyone, I'm not looking to hook up with anyone either. I'm not trying to be hypocritical (my bf is a guy I met online several years ago), people can do whatever they want, I just didn't think I was calling for that kind of attention by joining this group and I didn't even write a story to explain myself first. I don't want it to seem like I'm trying to isolate myself, the fact is that I joined this group to relate to others, just not in that way. Bottom line is that I may consider myself a "Pervette", but I will not be your "Pervette".

P.S. As I wrote this I was not really calm, I'm sorry if I sound bitchy because that was not my intention, I would just like to keep things PG, not trying to get R or X rated with anyone.
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If I get to choose how perverted I am (and I insist!), then I must afford you the courtesy as well. My preferences and judgments are irrelevant to how you live your life.

I fully agree with you, just because we joined this group doesn't mean we want to perv with every person out I do like to perv, but I only do so with the ones that has some respect for us..all of my friends that i perv, I can pop up on the chat window and have a normal conversation. and other days get down and dirty...

I love Pervettes!

A lot of great responses. That was a "cute" word. Maybe if you had written a story explaining your situation, more people would understand. Just tell it like it is. After all, we are all human.

I completely know what you mean. I can get 4 or 5 messages a day and people adding me as a friend, from people that think that just because I like sex that I must be willing to screw everyone on this site.

Thank you basementsong, it feels good to have someone understand.

Ya know, I think you have a right to get what it is you want from this board, and now that you've clarified what you DON'T want, people should respect those wishes even if they disagree with the sentiment.<br />
count me on board with that.<br />
BTW, personally, I have a problem with the term pervert, simply because no one can set the standards for me or anyone else. Because one person 'prefers' missionary does not give them carte blanc to judge those who 'prefer' other positions or fantasies.<br />
I certainly appreciate your tolerance towards others preferences, and let's hope that same tolerance is extended to you