What Was The Single Most Kinky / Perverted Sexual Act You’ve Ever Done?

I’ve a bit apprehensive about confessing this, but since we’re all anonymous and all, what the hell, (it’s kinda funny actually).
I dated a guy for a bit and I had to end it because one of his “things” was being sexually stimulated by pee. And although I allowed him to do certain things, well, it just wasn’t my thing and we stopped seeing each other.
I became aware of his urine thing the second time we’d had sex. He was a tremendous lover by the way. We were in the shower after a major session and we were lathering and kissing and laughing and such and he pipes up with “Would you let me pee on you?”
I giggled and looked him in the eyes and saw he wasn’t joking and I asked anyway “are you serious?”
“Yeah…lemme pee on you. Come on, we’ll rinse it right off afterwards, I promise.”
Well, I’m always open to trying new things (within reason, and this was pushing the envelope a bit!) sexually.
“OK, but not in the face.” I told him.
“OK…then get on your knees.” He told me.
“What?!?!” I asked. This wasn’t part of the deal. I thought he was like going to stand there and let me have it…no. He wants me on my knees. I gave him my “I’m not really thrilled about this” look and slid down to my knees and shut my eyes and mouth very tightly. He says “**********.” I opened an eye and looked up at him and saw his handsome smiling face. I spread my knees apart and started rubbing my ****. He shut off the water and when I looked up he quickly said “Don’t worry, I’ll turn it back on…come on Jess, rub one out for me!”
As I rubbed, he moved in very close and started running his **** all over my face. He slapped me a few times with it. It wasn’t completely hard, but it wasn’t completely soft either. After about 5 minutes I ***. Right when I let it out, he does too. The stream hit me in my breasts and then, yep – you guessed it, right in the face. It was sort of erotic, with me ******* and all. But as soon as it was over, I was sort of grossed out. He turn on the water and I rinsed everything off and lathered back up and all. He apologized for the face shot and I told him not to do it again if I every allowed him to do it again. I spent the next week thinking about it. Yeah, it was kind of gross. But THAT’s NOT the kinkiest. . .
Fast forward a week. We’re at the lake with my mom and several of her friends. We had set up a day camp in a very secluded spot. Mom and her friends were out on the lake somewhere water skiing or cliff jumping. Mr. Pee and I had planned to have sex on such a planned outing of the others. I had decided that since he shared his “thing” with me, I’d share mine with him. I brought a tube of lubricant. I had been to the bushes and took a nice healthy you know what. Once back at camp he and I took showers with a couple of camping solar shower bags we’d hung in the sun. Once squeaky clean I told him what I wanted from him. He was excited and couldn’t wait to get inside my anus. We’d progressed to the point where I was eager to receive and told him so. He did a wonderful job penetrating me and starts doing what a man does when given the opportunity. It was wonderful. We were on a sandy secluded beach on a beautiful sunny day and we were completely alone. He gave it to me SO GOOD. And he goes off inside me. I’m still working on myself trying to get my own ****** when he says “I want to pee inside you”. Keep in mind I was in a complete sexual zone. At the moment it sounded completely kinky and before I could protest my mouth opened and I answered “Do it!” Right when I felt my ****** hit I felt this powerful stream of very warm urine begin quickly fill me up. It was very similar to the feeling of an enima, only the tube was MUCH bigger and the stream of fluid was much stronger. (Lots). He basically held still inside me and emptied himself. I need to add that he had a beach towel sort of rolled up and around my waist and was using it sort of like a harness. Holding it and really giving it to me.
I finished ******* and he had finished peeing. I felt as though I was going to explode and really wanted to relieve myself. And I thought “What’s going to happen when he pulls out of me?!” I felt him start to pull out, but he didn’t. Once almost fully out he slams back into me and my bowels were force into submission. A great sloshing sound erupted from my bottom and he started pounding me with the urine splashing and shooting out of me and simply covering us both. I let out an “oh my God!” or something and tried to get away from him. I couldn’t, he had me by the beach towel harness. He kept pounding away until pretty much all the urine had emptied from me. I’d say about 10 or 15 thrusts. The sound it made was God aweful! My butt, thighs, calfs, feet, lower back were covered with his urine. (we’d been drinking a lot of beer that day). I slapped at his hands to release me and jumped up and away from him. Once on my feet I felt the remainder of his urine fall out of me and run down my legs. The smell was horrible. Almost immediately we both began laughing about it. We were both sort of grossed out about it. (there were some small chunks stuck here and there… so gross!) we immediately jumped into the lake and washed off. Then we cleaned our spot the best we could and moved camp a few yards away. Nobody notice the move when they got back.
We had one more round of sex about a week later. He ask ME to pee on him. I did, but just couldn’t continue with him and his “too weird for me” fetish.
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Sounded fun

I used to date a girl with whom anything went.. I went down on her one time, sucking and nibbling her **** while she peed.. she loved it, though said it was hard to pee while she was excited. Lol, then after we jumped in the shower and I went all over her chest..

Thanks for sharing this very realistic gross story. Helps me understand somethings better.

I've been into scat and pee for years.
I would have had you dump a load of your brown
delight on my face. To me there is noting more
erotic than watching and anticipating a puckering
arse hole just before it delivers its goodies.

ha, that all sounded really hot.

i love pee play ond loved reading your story... thank you

i love pee play ond loved reading your story... thank you

Your story is so hot. I would love to be laying on my back with you on top of me, my **** inside your ***** ******* you ,and you pee ,so i feel your warm **** flow down my ****,over my balls,and into the crack of my arse that would be so hot xxxx


Very cool...

I'm sorry Moof....but that's completely nasty! No offense or anything, but that's just yucky. Kinky is what I asked for, kinky is what you gave me! (VERY interesting though!

Wow. . .that's sort of erotic in a gross sort of way.<br />
Eons ago when my wife and I were swinging & exploring our bi sides, we saw something that was pretty weird and gross and eventually tried it (at the insistence of my wife - she says she didn't insist, but she did)<br />
We were at an **** with about 15 people. My wife and I were watching these two guys do this one woman. All three of them were really really going at it with great gusto. They were putting on a wonderful 'show' for about 6 of us. The guy shoots in her mouth, then the guy in her butt starts to blow and he pull out of her butt, she swings around and gobbles it completely down her throat and he pounded away until he finished shooting. My wife and I sort of freaked when we saw this and my wife started to say something to this woman, when another couple told us what had happened. Right before they started she had had a champagne enema. 2 bottles, the really cheap kind. What they were doing was called "coco puffing". The trick with the champagne was to clean out the bowels and scrub the walls to ensure ya wudnt taste any of the 'coco'. My wifes first question was "does it work?" And she was told to go ask her. Wife did. She said "it works perfectly every single time! It's kinky as hell and I love it!"<br />
About a week or so later we gave it a try. And by we, I mean me. My wife helped with the enema's (2 bottles). Once the show started she simply watched while I let these two guys go at me. We went at it for almost an hour if I remember right. I was "coco puffed" four times. Worked like a charm I'm happy to report. Although I was really really high/stoned/drunk when it happened, my wife seemed to enjoy it more than I did. That was the only time we did it though.