I found this little text that I wrote a while ago in one of my old writting books and though it would suit this group considering its about pessimism and all. Life is perfect, I am at peace, until I open my eyes and reality sets in. Everything comes rushing back. Tears fill my eyes and the dream fades to a mere memory. Why can't reality be my dream and not nightmare? It was a little strange but I liked it. Above this text was written:                 Outlook on LIFE                         Pessimist VS Optimist And below the above piece of writting about the pessimists outlook was a piece about the optimists outlook. When I read it, I wasn't inspired or impressed, instead I was disappointed. I could write alrite about pessimistic outlooks but when I tried being possitive it was bull!
singlemist singlemist
18-21, F
Jul 10, 2007