"You should be more positive"

Well, hello there. You're obviously living life a lot better than I! I must be silly not to be confident or joyful. I should be social, I should be happy. After all, it's silly to get angry when there isn't anything to be angry about?

Well, no. Firstly, I can be as pessimistic as I wish. In fact, it's done more good than trying to be an ignorant **** telling someone to get the **** over their problems because you don't appreciate them being a moody fvck in your presence.

That's what they're really saying. It's just disguised, to be a wise and insightful comment because that's what people want to be around, and they think your life will somehow "change" if you become positive. No, life only gets better if you make good decisions. Not deluding yourself.

If you don't like it, fvck you. Don't put your nose in business where it doesn't belong. Don't be so quick to judge my circumstances and telling me that I'm being an ungrateful cvnt just because I feel like it.

If I could change my life to be a confident, happy, go lucky fvcker with no ballsack to grow the **** up and realise that this world is dying from our stupid mindset that we are entitled to everything, people are greedy, comfort hungry fools and our money is being sucked up by the government because we know they don't give a **** about our wellbeing? I would. If this weren't happening? Maybe, just maybe, I wouldn't be such a *****. Maybe, I'd be someone you would WANT to talk to!

I'm so sorry to be such a disturbance! I guess I should leave you be in your happy world, happy life and equally retarded family members and friends.

Thank you.
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2 Responses Aug 19, 2014

Yea this world is pretty insane... It's a work in progress I guess...

Geee Miss, you been reading my mind - or talking to my doggies? Because this is how I feel just about every other day.

From your perspective, that is....

yeah - but with you so sexy and attractive, they have to beat off all the boys that keep trying to take you out on dates....

What do you mean guys don't approach... you are cute, adorable, sexy, attractive, fun to be around, open, and dang - just a fun gal to be around.....

No??? - well girl!!! YOU - Me tonight internet, you chose the movie.... There...

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