Certified Pharmacy Techician On The Job Training For One Week.

    I am a certified pharmacy technician just got a job a week now. My problem the one training me which is the lead technician is running out of patience on me. She even badmouth me the other relief pharmacist and workers in the clinic. So the relief pharmacist is mean and nasty to me too. I could understand the lead technician impatience on me because I am slow but I am doing my best. The pharmacy manager who hire me is really nice which she told me you know we have a probationary period which I understand. Every job have probationary period. What do you think your advice on me on how to deal with this situation?
MPachiano MPachiano
1 Response May 14, 2012

Don't worry about them. A year from now, you'll be just as sharp as they are now, but at least you'll have a better attitude than them. It's happened to me before what you are experiencing. Try your best and leave work each day knowing you gave 100% to your job. Keep your head up and keep it moving. Best of luck to you.