I Really Need Help With Renewing My National License. I'll Do Anything For Some Help.

This is my first time "trying" to renew my national license and I am at my wits' end. I completed 17.5 CE hours on powerpak.com (there are only 19.5 available to take) and 4.5 hours on pharmacy times.com. Power pak.com says that everything I completed was submitted to the CPE monitor thingy and so does pharmacy times. But so far only 16 hours from both of the websites have actually shown up on CPE. I've been asking my co-workers for help but nothing they tell me helps at all. So far there are no details at all as to how in the heck this is supposed to "finalize" and my license expires this friday 11/30/12. It's blatantly obvious I should've taken care of this about a month ago but again, I was never given any details as to how this is supposed happen. I finally just got the job I've been wanting for quite awhile and I actually might lose it now, please if anyone can help, I'm about to have a nervous breakdown.
Andypants78 Andypants78
1 Response Nov 27, 2012

Hi. Did you print copies of your test and CE credits..? I would make copies to show all of your credits and mail to the board asap. If you still need more credits try NPTA. Good luck!!