How Did I Get Here..?

Here I am, almost 50, going through a divorce and already working 2 jobs. My weekends were so lonely I couldn't bare another night alone.

I walked into my favorite drug store and applied for a position at the cosmetic counter... to give me something to do on my weekends.

Because of my medical transcription and surgical technology diplomas I was ushered to the pharmacy and was told that I would now be a pharmacy tech. Whoa..!

I was completely overwhelmed and vowed that I would, before I die, come up with a work-manual for beginners at my drug store. Instead of the throw-them-to-the-wolves introduction/training that our store provides.

Having said that, I have about 100 hours in now and I am still overwhelmed by how much I have left to learn. I am in a high-volume, multi-language store which adds more stress.

Plus, I got/get the feeling that the other tech.s are less than welcoming to the "new" hires. Several people hired with me have already quit.

Thanks for allowing me to vent a little. I already feel better. I look forward to reading the other stories here and hope to find other "older" pharmacy technicians in my same or similar positions.  



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3 Responses Aug 3, 2008

Thats amazing you walk in and get a job. I just completed 11 months of Pharmacy Technician school August 2011. Registered in Florida (RPHT) August 2011, Passed the PTCB Exam (CPHT) August 2011, BLS CPR Certified. I have applied at Reatil Pharmacies and hospitals in Jacksonville,Florida... Have not received any replys to my applications. Now started applying for other states..I was awarded honors and maintained perfect attendance through the program. I wish I had your luck in finding a pharmacy job.... Hats off to you though....Good Job.

Are you allowed to tell people the name of your drugstore?

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