The Life of a Pharmacy Tech.

I have worked in the pharmacy field for about 5 years.  From hospital to mail order and Long term care.  I really liked it alot at first, it was so much to learn and a new test everyday.  Then it started to feel more like just another job, so I started my own business that helps me provide all that I have learned to students or new technician.  It is a pronunciation company that produces aids for medical professionals that may struggle with pronunciation of medication names, and I have just created another product that will be out soon "Say It Rite: Quick reference Guide of controlled Substances CII-CV."  If you know anyone in need of medication pronunciation help or that may have a hard time will telling the difference between controlled meds from non-controlled meds have them check out .  Hopefully they will find some help there.  Starting my own company has really sparked up my passion for life as a pharmacy technician.  Pharmacy is great!!!!

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1 Response Jun 30, 2009

I am so glad for you! Hugs, LW