PhD Daze

The first thing that strikes me on this site is the lack of live PhD student activity. Am I missing something? Are you all hidden away not wanting to be found? Or are you seriously dedicated and hardworking all of the time? Come out, come out from whereever you are because I need to interact with a few of you. I am, this week, suffering from what I call the PhD daze. It's like the common cold. You don't know how or when you're going to catch it, but you will. And it passes too, in its own time. Rather than having a duvet day with hot lemons you end up resorting to webtrawling. That way, it still looks like you're working. I've never discussed my PhD daze bouts with my supervisor or anyone else for that matter until now. I'm a bit closseted about it actually. I was just wondering though if there are any fellow sufferers out there? By the way, I'm in my last year, with a view to submitting next February 1st. Isn't it amazing that I could write about anything right now except what I'm supposed to be writing about! And it's two hours yet 'til lunch!

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You should check out for some more activity. We are always looking for guest bloggers....

What are you getting your doctorate in?

Yes can absolutely relate, it comes in waves, the daze does. I heard one woman describe it as 'losing your PhD mojo'. I feel overwhelmed by theory and information today. I'm in the first stages of my phd and have been fishing around for just the right wording on my research questions.

Oh the "DAZE" Yes spend many days in that state.... My mind just wants to veg. I have to balance my life as a wife, mom, employee and a student. There are days when I get absolutely nothing accomplished on my PhD work. Days like today when my anylitical instruments are down waiting for a new part and I have housework to do.... I end up playing the good little house wife and move on to checking my email instead of reading a journal paper... Oh all this talk is making me feel guilty... Once I get off of here I am either gonna go and work out or read a journal paper.... Oh if I could get both in by the end of the day I might not feel so bad... Good luck with your phd, mine feels like it will never end....

LOL! I stopped checking this group because of the lack of activity! Yes, I get hit with "the daze" now and then. I try disconnecting the internet, but then I'll gravitate to the t.v., or writing my journal (which still makes it look like I'm working), or food, etc. The guilt caused by "the daze" is profound.

Sure it's worth it Semantic. I'm not that interested in academia's a means to an end. I know the prospect of spending your entire twenties at school is unattractive but honestly, time just flies. PhD time goes twice as fast as regular time. <br />
You will gain many transferable skills and even if you never work strictly within your own field you will take those with you.<br />
I'd say go for it! You might not get the opportunity to do it in the future and why run the risk of regretting it later on. I know my brother lives with such a regret. I can always esupport you like a big sister!

I can't really share in your experience, but I have been looking to talk to someone currently in a PhD program as I am about to enter one myself.<br />
<br />
I have my doubts about it, especially due to my lack of enthusiasm at the prospect of remaining in academia post-PhD. I'm banking on my ability to gain some practical knowledge with utility outside the ivory tower.<br />
<br />
So yeah... the PhD daze. I guess I'm in a bit of a daze too... the quarter-life crisis daze. I'm right out of undergrad and about to enter 5-7 more years of school.<br />
<br />
Well, is it worth it?