I Have Been A Phleb For 3 Years

While going through chemo therapy my mom talked to some phlebs who told her that Phlebotomy is quick and easy school wise, perfect for someone with ADHD {aka me} because its really hands on and it (duh) offers health insurance. She was pushing and pushing me to start because I was a waitress at the time with no health insurance and I didn't care, now... I am an old fashioned kinda girl when it comes to dating lol and I always wanted a guy to ask for my parents blessing before he asked me to marry him, the guy that i was seeing in early 2008 wanted to ask my parents for their blessing but unfortunately he had no health insurance so it wasn't going to happen, she said ONE of us had to have health insurance. He has a sticky situation in which health insurance isn't going to happen so I bit the bullet and started school for phlebotomy, got back on my parents insurance so I could start taking meds to control my ADHD and I actually got through school with flying colors, got placed in the best externship and got a 2 letters of recomendation that made me cry! I was dumbfouned because I usually suck at school (except when I took electronics technology, unfortunately though I couldn't find a job in my area thusly I became a waitress) so I got hired 2 weeks out of my externship and I loved my job for a long time. I work for a big lab corperation and I get contracted out to various doctors offices, I've been in one steadily for 2 years now and we're pretty close but the thing that throws me is; whenever the Dr (we only have one) gets a new employee the entire office treats me weird.. like were not at all close and I dont understand that. I mean, I know that being ADHD i miss some social signals and whatever but I think this is more than that, maybe. So I was wondering, anyone in a satellite office who knows the whole weird balance of it (your one of them/not one of them because ur an employee of a lab) do you have any advice on those types of situations?

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been there done that. it's a tricky balance. a lot of factors are involved and i'm sure your condition is not one of them.(why do they know this?) i've made good friends and contacts working in offices but you need to remember you are not one of them. play it by ear for each office and take their lead. it's the few times i play the "game".

It is not you...it is the office trying to re-organize the "pecking" order...and you are not included in that since you do not technically work for that office (your lab co. is your employer)....yes, it's nice to think that they are all your friends...and they will be again, but, for now, everyone is trying to determine their place with a new comer....relax and watch the show...sometimes it can be VERY entertaining! Been there done that...and it WILL pass-I promise!