2 Day Phlebotomy Class

Im interested in the medical career. I'm taking my pre reqs for the RN program but need a better paying job to survive and buy groceries and pay my utilities. I would love to draw blood, and wear scrubs to get me through my nursing school years. My question is- They are offering a 2 day Phlebotomy class for $300 and you get your certification and job placement. How much truth is there to this program compared to the 11 month college program?
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I took a one day/9 hour course through CVAS (certified venous access specialists) and I work as a phlebotomist in the ER at a level 2 trauma center. The hospital has the expertise and ability to provide the training you need.

I currently teach a phlebotomy course that is a semester class. Some hospitals train their own phlebotomist or you can go through a program. In order to be board certified you have to have documented 100 clinical hours and 100 sticks. I would ask them how you get that experience.

.......... woah woah woah, this sounds suuuuuuuuuper fishy, i would research, call, maybe ask if they have some classes you can audit, because, from personal experience, and because i am >currently< in school to be a phlebotomist, i know first-hand that it should take waaaaaay more time to learn what a phlebotomist should know, especially with all the health regulations, and knowing how to assess veins, aaaaaand having to practice over and over just so you can be ready for the ncct state board exam, and also considering that i am attending an accelerated program, which crams a year and a halfs worth of phlebotomy into about 5 months (and it is going fast, and the difficulty is high), two days just doesnt seem enough for one to even learn the types of punctures, let alone the sizes of the needles or the order of draw.

2 days?? See if your local Community College offers a Phlebotomy program. Most P.P. are 4 to 6 months for about 11 to 1200.00 Do your Research so you don't get ripped off.