A few hours ago mom and I had our daily argument.... She would start fussing... I would feel like she is being overly protective... And we would have a go at each other. As I sit frustrated at my desk, my phone vibrates... Its mom this is what she has to say:

"Amidst a violent storm you made a grand entrance, you rose from within me like a PHOENIX. You have had to weather many storms at your tender age, but you have grown into a woman who can do all things through God who strengthens you. You are my baby always will be, when you hurt so do i whether it is physically or emotionally. I love you are my strong , stubborn baby..MOM"

Tears sprung to my eyes but i took a minute to make sense of the happenings in my life..all the pain, tears, self pity it has to end!! I have gone through many storms & earthquakes. But i am still here I have survived when most people thought I would't some even hoped I wouldn't. This is my motto going forward despite my storms , i will keep rising up like the PHOENIX I am. I choose to fight because even though life knocked me down, it didn't knock me out.

Remember the brightest lightening bolt is elicited from the darkest storm :)

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And also remember to be at the center of a cyclone, nothing can disturb your serenity

Wow...powerful stuff! That sounds a lot like my mother and I.

Yeah.....lol don't get me started... lol

imitating a teenager ---> *hands you a lollipop while texting you although you're sitting right beside me* "yeah they're soooo like...I dunno...like urgh... but also awwwww" hahahaha

Yeah just being silly :-)

Awesome mom

Yes you have risen and woken up as the Phoenix that was always within you... So it's time to spread your wings and soar. No matter what storm you face, you can outshine them :)

So I guess it's time to really make the change.. I'm glad for this realization my friend.. And you're so lucky to have such a loving and supporting mom.

Like we are twins separated at birth? Lol

And I like animation and gaming too so I could have also picked that avatar myself ;)

Haha... I don't think I'm that good. I'm a little bit of both ;)

And I am lucky enough to be in both your circles...woo hoo!!!

I thought that was you.

You are lucky indeed! But we are lucky too. You're such a very entertaining guy izzy :)

since when is a smartass nudist entertaining? lol

Since you came (oops no pun intended) lol ;)

That is why I surround myself with amazing friends like yourselves.

Ok when are we going to stop praising each other? Hahaha

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