Waverly Hills

There is a very old tuberculosis hospital located in my area called Waverly Hills.  It was closed off for years to all of the public, other than an occasional 'ghost hunter' or potential real estate investor it was guarded and sat like an empty castle on a hill in the city where I live.  The stories and lure of the unknown were like bait for locals looking for a fun time. We would sneak up the hill, on foot-one time driving, and no matter who you were with or whether it was day or night, you had the overwhelming sense that you were encountering something so much greater than yourself.  The biggest skeptics would question their beliefs at Waverly.  One sunny day, I was taking pictures of various landmarks and decided this would be one of them.  It was with 35mm film so there was still a developing process.  It was the second location visited that day.  The lighting was good, the camera was fine.  When I got the pictures back, the pictures from the hospital were filled with only bright or dark blurs-there were no decipherable images.  The location before turned out fine, the waterfront after was also fine.  I truly believe that what I took pictures of that day was not meant to be photographed. Though I wasn't sure what my subject was, my friend and I had the distinct feeling we were not alone.. No one will be able to convince me that the pictures didn't prove some type of presence.

jazzella jazzella
31-35, F
Feb 8, 2010