I'm Fairly New to Photography

Last fall, I started to get into photography when I was bored one day, and went over to my neighbor's house to take macro pictures, and ended up taking my first portrait shot ever, called The Toddler Thinker. I posted that onto websites like flickr, and deviantART, and so many people faved it, and commented on it, that I decided I should take more pictures than the occasional snapshot while I'm on vacation, and a couple of months later,(March of 07) I took a picture of my Magnolia tree,(Magnolia at Dusk) which I almost deleted, and about a month after I put the Magnolia picture on deviantART,
it was in third place, and some people I knew were raving about my work. I started hearing people tell me that some of my work looks like a professional photographer took it. I'm nowhere near as great as a lot of professional photographers I've seen!
Do you think it took any pros about a year for them to start getting comments like that?
DramaThrills DramaThrills
18-21, M
May 4, 2007