I Sell My Photographs, It All Started For Fun Though.

When my family got a digital camera a few years ago for Christmas, I took tons and tons of pictures, because I had never been able to take them on our other camera because it was 'too expensie'. It turned out that many of the pictures I had taken were really good. My friends thought they were really cool, and so I started taking more. I've never taken lessons or anything, but I sell my photographs framed and on notecards at these art festivals our city has in the summer and winter. Also, I bring them to my moms office and her co-workers buy them all up! it is a great way to earn money. I've won competitions, and made a lot of money, just by effortlessly doing something fun! Mostly, I take pictures of nature. I go to gardens and parks around town, and shoot in the most colorful time of year, like mid summer, and early fall.
LonelySoul LonelySoul
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1 Response Jul 19, 2007

I take nature pictures ALL THE TIME, and would love to sell them, how do you go about making the cards and do you just put them in regular fr<x>ames or special ones?