My dream has always been photography, but my father constantly said i would starve if i followed my artistic abilities...i believed that there was no future in art, and that to be known you had to ultimately be a genius--i was the editor of my school yearbook, i met a photographer via the book--two years later, he calls me and asks if i was interested in an assistants job--immediately i said yes, and now i am living my dream! every week i meet with my boss, my idol, and i accompany him to a wedding--he hands me one of his expensive cameras and lets me go...he trusts that i will do what seems right, and i amaze him every time! I love that i am only 19 and i am living my DREAM!
aromasgal aromasgal
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1 Response Aug 9, 2007

My dream is the same. I cannot wait to become a wedding photographer. I am almost 19, so it's nice seeing someone living their dream, which is pretty much the same as my own, at such a young age.<br />
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I was lucky enough to have a father that is a photographer, so he has always encouraged me. I've learned the only one to stop me is myself, doubting whether I could make a living unless, like you said, I'm a genius.<br />
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But as long as I'm doing what I love, I'll be happy. Same should go for you.