I Am An Amateur

I am amateur who loves photography.  I have an old SLR and enjoy taking pictures with it.  It's a hobby.  Nothing serious.

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5 Responses Feb 15, 2010

I don't agree, you can learn far better with a dslr IF you use the manual controls (P,A,S,M)and maybe an old manual focus lens. At least you can see immediately what you do. working with film is very slow learning, but you can still use it when you know the art. I don't think $250,- for a second hand but verry good dslr is a lot of money (ok it depends where you live). You buy some old lensses and whalla! Nikon and Pentax have a good range of old lenses.<br />
I think for the most part half-fr<x>ame dslr's have better image quality nowadays than 35mm film (high iso at least, maybe not DR).

I did buy a Olympus Pen EE3 second hand. Which is a realy cute little camera.

You can also have some pretty decent Dslr's second hand cheap (relatively), nowadays. Allthough I bought my own new.

I'll give it a whirl. =]

Sweet I broke my camera. =(