I Think I'm Physic

I'm pretty sure that I'm an Indigo Child. & I know that Indigo Children are often physic.

Sometimes , not often , I have dreams that come true.

It's very easy for me to tell when someone is upset , happy , or whatever other mood they may be in.

I'm very very good at guessing things. I'm always challenging myself to guess things. Like maybe what time it is before I look or something. In school books I always flip to the right page in one try. & I usually always look at my phone right before I get a call or text.

I'd say the most intriguing part of my abilities is my ability to sense when a spirit is near. I can usually tell their mood , their gender , what they look like , their exact placement , etc. It all depends.

A lot of people are skeptical though , since there's no way of proving it. So I usually just keep it all to myself. My best friend understands me though. She's an Indigo Child too.

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18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 21, 2010

You are a physics.

Me too, I see auras and spirits. I have out of body experiences and see spirits and shadows all over my house. I can hear them talk and walk. My friend is very very sensitve to spirits and just like me will want to leave a room if we sense a presense that is unwelcoming. I sometimes feel like something bad is going to happen like something really bad is going to happen to me usually the day before I get a bad test, or a friend blows up in my face. I've even had spirits scratch and and give me bruises.

wait.... i SOMETIMES have dreams that come true as well..... but i know for a FACT i'm not an indigo child. when i was younger my parents thought i was one though... lmao