I received my PPL in 1977. Didn't fly too much after that until the nineties Now I'm Commercial/Intsrument rated and working on the AMEL. I love it!
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1 Response Aug 20, 2014

That takes dedication and a lot of work. Congratulations! I got my commercial/instrument helicopter licence when I was in military flight school, but since I've been out of the military haven't flown a lick. It just isn't the same at 500-1000AGL. Flying 9 years on the treetops kind of spoils you...

What are you doing now? Seems to me you must be doing something for a living that beats it then. I can't imagine what thought.

Production management. No - not more exciting, but more practical at the time - flying just wasn't in the cards when I got out. I was an Army Officer, so flew a desk more than a helicopter unfortunately so a career in flying would have been difficult. I fell back on my engineering degree and went into the production world. I started working on my private plane license, but it just wasn't as exciting and I lost interest. I'm thinking about pursuing it again now that I'm older though and have been away from flying for a long time.