Pipe Bomb #2

so the more pipe bombs i write/drop on pple the more pple come to me wanting waiting to see who im going to drop it on next. well ur in luck cause the last few days ive gotten that passion to write again to tell pple what they want no to tell pplewhat they need to hear. and it seems as if im either getting popular with this or im getting more haters that want to villiannise me for what i say. which leads me to the orginal pipe bomb him self the man the legend the almighty dictator himself. thats right u know who im talking about cause with out him this wouldnt be possible. how many of u thought i was gonna say cmpunk? raise ur hand go on there are no wrong answers. well ur wrong the orginal pipe bomb is adolf hitler thats right i said it. the man ur histroy books dont want u to read the man ur tv channels dont want to mention. but let me tell u why hes the orginal pipe bomb. hitler is the only man in history to look france and brittian in the face and tell them when they said he couldnt do something **** u im going to do it anyway. hitler had balls. hitler wasnt scared to look pple in the eye and tell u want he thought of u and no im not praiseing him at all but the truth speaks for itself he is the orginal pipe bomb u know who else was a pipe bomb jfk ur president the one that got assinated by **** wauds who dont know how to run a damn country except into the ground. whats equal rights in america when we complain about a person wanting food stamps to feed their family and cant get it but u can give a person who owns four houses ten cars a tax break? does that sound equal to u? whats equal rights in america when a person murders her husband and gets 20 yrs in prison but will only serve half of that and get on on good behavior and then u have someone get caught with drugs and gets ten yrs and they will serve all of it. whats equal rights when u have a guy like micheal vick yea mike vick gets prison time for dog fighting and gets suspended twice once for going to prison and the next when he got out but donte stallworth was high like a kite and ran over and killed a entire family and got 30 days. this is eqaul?*pipe bomb*what equal rights when everyone who kills someone uses the insanity defense? if thats the case then everyone in this world is insane.maybe im tired of it maybe im sick of it or maybe i got a little bit respect not see pple suffer anymore.by the way the so called hate groups who rip off hitler symbols and flags and marches dont have the skill to wipe his ***. u guys arent nothing more than cheap copies and lame imitations of him*pipe bomb* yea i said it the truth hurts. it dont matter to me i'll take u all on until it sinks in ur head, until i drop enough pipe bombs on u pple that u will eventually stand up and tell the world no more. no more will u be silenced for speaking ur mind no more will u have to hide ur feelings no more will u be scared to look death in the eyes but instead u will stand on ur own feet and till death to bring it *****. i know i will leave this world someday and where i go is up to me and only me but when i go u will rember me u will rember my words and u will rise up like the phonix rises from the ashes and u will march to ur own beat ur own drum and u will love it. it doesnt take much but a spark to light a fire
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Exactly. The world is too ****** up for people to rag on what was. You make a good point. At the very least Hitler said what he thought and didn't give a **** about what people thought about it.