Havnt Done One Drunk Yet

hey world *sips beer for real* guess yall been waiting for a drunk rant eh? well guess what go **** urself ur not getting it.however u will get my top ten reason i say go **** urself

1. ur a **** go **** urself
2. u lie to much go **** urself
3. ur my mom and u wont go get ur drunk son something to eat yea go **** urself
4. i love u but go **** urself
5. yea i hate u to go **** urself
6. who the hell put a computer in a drunk guys hand go **** urself
7. yes yes yes yes go **** urself
8. hey u go **** urself
9. ur fake go **** urself
10/. go **** urself
saintsforever saintsforever
31-35, M
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hey yo dente and grim i love both of u but dont start this on my story i dont need or want vultures on my story

OH ARE YOU pretending to be innocent now? forgot how she and 777heaven and arava attacked you on your story have we?

no i havent forgoten but thats how it started with those two


she atracked the vultures and i dont feel like argueing with two douche bags

yeah these ***** are harassing me again... OH what FIGHTS arava does not stir!

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@dente<br />
<br />
Yeah I have seen your partners in crime on this site... they are f----king you over good... I think they enjoy it more than you because you are just too dumb to see it...they chose you for a partner for a reason!!!

So I've been trying to "**** myself" but I find its better with a partner...

LMAO drunk rants are poetic

ooooeeeeeeeee i agrees

some are drunk on lies, you should see their poetry haha


it is crazy... for one can always learn out of the stupidity of others, maybe their shitt is not that crazy after all - it has educational worth LMAO

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How can they go **** themselves if they are already ******? Hahaha

*bows thank u thank u*

You certainly have a way with words Saints . :)

yes peza i do

lol yep

****** awesome. Sounds like me the other night