Are You For Real?

u cant be can u? i mean 5 months ago u gave birth to a baby boy and now uve lost it, and considering ur fake and everyone knows ur fake, the train on u has left the station i knew the day i saw ur picture in which u said it was u was proven to be fake i knew then u couldnt be trusted, but u played us all, but no one takes u serious anymore, people lie i get that, but lying about losing ur baby? *shakes head* idk whats worse the lie or the liar, the moron that said the lie or the morons that believe it, im so GLAD ur not in my circle anymore and im so so glad i listend to the people who could spot u being fake from a mile away bb1987 do us a favor and just SHUT UP FOR ONCE
saintsforever saintsforever
31-35, M
Jan 22, 2013