Why Are Pisces So Messed Up?

All the Pisces I meet are overly sensitive to EVERYTHING. I feel like I am walking on eggshells when I am around them because they expect me to carefully watch every word I say and every action. They are like whiny children. It is SO DRAINING. GOD!!!!! WTF!!!! Its even worse that they are seen as a "empathetic and kind sign" They are SOOO not. Whoever wrote that description obviously does not know what goes on inside a Pisces head!!! All they want is attention (time) and more attention (money) and if you don't give it to them they throw a hissy fit and say you are not a good friend/lover/person! Nothing is ever enough. I guess the ****** thing about not having boundaries is that you can never get enough sacrifice or love or attention or drugs or whatever. Pisces=Vacuum.
Another absolutey craptastic pisces trait is that everything is RELATIVE!!!! YAY!!!Nothing is right, nothinfg is wrong, WTF. I'm sorry but whatever, in the real world there are things that are clearly WRONG, like killing people, using people and harming people. But somehow pisces have compassion for murderer, liars and thieves. I guess its because they are actually on the same wavelenght.
My Pisces acquaintance is totally USING this guy for money and attention and time. She backstabs him like crazy telling everyone she'd never go out with hiim because he is too fat (he's not) and not "cool enough" (WTF???)and no, she is not a teenager, shes almost 30 and chubby herself. He's taken her on expensive vacations, paying for all travel expenses....blah blah...it makes me kind of sick hearing what she tells me and then seeing her act all nice and sweet in front of him. UGH. To look at....I thought she was a sweet kind, chubby, harmless little shortie girl but when I actually get to know her....the whole "sweetness/shyness/dreaminess" thing is TOTALLY a front. True for all pisces I have met!!!!
She thinks I am too honest....but geez at least I am not a lying user who gets men to buy me crap and milks their ***** for all they are worth. I mean at least dress like a ho if you are one right? Don't dress/act like a saint and rob someone blind. I guess thats part of the me being "too honest" thing....
I think I'm going to puke.
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To respond that it do not based on the sign its based on that person. And for you to bring that person business is dead wrong on your part

We are not like that :( it hurts my feelings to see so many negative comments. Please don't judge us just for one rotton apple.

Pisces here!

It sucks that you feel that way about my sign. A part of me wants to tell you to go **** yourself and stop generalizing because you haven't met EVERY Pisces in the word to have such a harsh assumption but then I know I'm the same way when it comes to generalizing as I do with other zodiacs. Truth is I'm really hurt because so many people feel this way and I know I'm not a bad person, I have a really huge heart. (See how I don't even know you, and I took it so personal lol) LETS do this!

Yes many things you said are true. I just wanted to say that understanding our sign IS difficult. We're hot then cold, we're happy then we're sad. We are crowd pleasers then we're in a corner on mute. I get it... It's A LOT to deal with.

Just don't ever believe, well for me (can't speak for everyone but I am for my zodiacs defense). We FEEL EVERYTHING. We think about our faults throughout the day. We don't "play" victim. We sincerely are victims to OUR selves. We see the person we want to be and its HELL getting there if you haven't fully grasp who you are.

Our intentions are always pure BUT our actions never follow suit and it's frustrating. Why?

There are a billion reasons why and they play out in our heads all the time. One specific reason is because when you feel everything-, when you pick up on vibes of other easily because we're are a mixture of all the other 11 signs - it's like having 11 other personalitiesand all of their good and bad traits in one, talking to you, having an opinion, going against that opinion- agreeing, disagreeing. I'm taking you through our brain and it sounds psychotic but hey, Einstein was a Pisces. let the church say amen lol moving on...

It's hard for us to be rational and practical in the mist of all these traits but one thing we all know we are is SENSITIVE. That's a Pisces core trait. It's our best trait but it's also our downfall.

We have pure INTENTIONS I promise you- but our EXECUTION sucks. Sometimes I say the most harsh things to my family -my significant other ...and IN MY HEAD- it's forgivable ...in my head it's justifiable ...in my head you should know that I really don't mean it.... I'm just venting - I'm just in the moment of my FEELING and because Pisces are sensitive and that's our core: feelings go hand in hand. We operate on that. I'm not saying that's it's the right way all the time,,this is the only way to express myself because I can't organize he other 11 voices who are telling me other ways of going about it at THIS moment, and because we're already impatient people, if we feel it - it's coming out NOW.

...but feelings pass and as a Pisces we all need to understand that everyone can't see your heart so we have to be careful how we convey our emotions.

I know that I have to stay true to my emotions at the time because that's the only way I can organize a thought to express how I'm feeling ... Because if you're asking ,if you're expecting or if you're wanting a reply in the moment.. I'm grabbing my core trait and what comes out maybe shallow, harsh, rude even blasphemous.

But I'm sure that anyone who has dealt with the Pisces ,you know and you probably have learned that if you just give us some space a few minutes maybe a day or two, we will come around when we have generalized those other 11 thoughts ...picked out the good ones, the rational ones, the better choice that understands how to talk specially to your zodiac because it's already instilled in us somewhere to understand youand speak to you like a human being as you deserve to be treated and spoken to.

Some Pisces are just ******** ---that's probably never going to change and it takes very patient people to talk with them and help them mature to the level of where I am ,where you understand your faults, see your faults and you try to make a change in them. Just don't attack us for it , even if we do deserve it...it just only sets us back. Going off a woman's response to this, at our best...we are amazing friends, once we have build that trust with you it's unbreakable -your family and you will receive the most loyal, compassionate and supportive person in your life. But hold on have patience with us. If you don't want to -if you think it's too much to deal with -OK, that's completely fine and you have every right to feel that way.

I'm speaking to the ones who have Pisces family members or significant other especially ....No we don't need you up our *** all day every day. We just want to know that we can trust you. It takes time yes because we're already guarded people - cause if you tip the boat we're all sinking lol..... Show up on time, make us laugh even when were acting bi-polar. Truth is in our head we just need someone to laugh it out so we don't feel more horrible than we already do. Defend us, remember we have a heart too and as bitchy as we can get, we're just ******* emotional creatures who needs a voice to speak on our behalf against the world. Make us apart of your world, For me... A person who trusts me with his life makes me trust him with mine because your CONFIDENCE in me alone will make me go through strides to make you happy.

On a good note. Stop acting like we're not fun to be around! :) We shake it up, which is why half of y'all got into a Pisces affair in the first place LOL Extremely bubbly, sensual, seductive, brave, easy to talk to, great listeners, and can bring out the best in you because we can identify with all of you! Do you like attention ? yeah absolutely ! but we only like the the certain attention that excites sometimes a boring, or restricted crowd. I'll break the silence and cute awkward out with the quickness - we know that it is amazing that we can posses the trait to entertain people and make people laugh and smile and have an opinion ! so yes personally I do seek attention because I want to be able to change the atmosphere up in this *****! You're not living enough ! :) insecure people find this a problem in general no matter what sign you are but secure people join the party and become the life of it as well with us! There's plenty room on the stage for all of us!

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If you have a family member or a friends or a lover that is a Pisces you will have to know that you will be facing with a lot of trouble. Pisces are actually a magnificent zodiac. Reason is because they are the last zodiac and they have a mixed personality from the all 11 zodiac. Yes they be lazy, self- pitying and lack of confidence. It is because Pisces doesn't like to express themselves to people they don't really trust you that much. Pisces needs some time to their own and they don't like people telling them what to do when they are alone. They are fish trying the flow of the water when out of nowhere you disturb them. They are spiritual being trying to be alone. Once they get mad, don't really confront them. Just ignore all of it. They'll get over all of this.

They have been categorized by other zodiac as "attention seeker", "liars" or "vacuum." Some are like this. Some are not. but if you have fallen for a Pisces, they won't expect money to come out from your pocket. They expect something like a card or something. Something small that has meaning into it. Pisces can blend with other zodiac and they make great liars. Pisces can fake their personality to observe someone they are talking to. Fishes are fragile creature and if you pulled it outside the water for too long it will fight back to get some air. It's like a Pisces. You need to leave them alone for a certain time. Pisces like attention because they think this is the only way to trust you. It takes years to earn a Piscieans trust. Pisces need people that can be patience with them. They need love, protection and patience. They also need people to help them turn their fantasies into their realities.

If you do have a family member that is a Pisces, then maybe you'll regret what you say about them. They are unique people with unique character. They will be there when you need them because they always yes and they can't say no. unless necessary. They will the people who will listen to your problem and people who will give you a shoulder to cry on. Especially when it's a family member. Family member are a lot easier for Pisces to trust because they respect their family.

Such an old post but my daughter is a Pisces and I hat to say this, but I agree 100% here. I have a horrible time with Pisces and Geminis. From what I understand also, these two make up the biggest population of mental illnesses also. My daughter is capable of being whoever she thinks she should be with whoever she is with. I used to say she was fake....but I think the words I choose now, and more appropriately, is vindictive, calculating and just down right evil. I call Pisces the flip floppers....they flip their personalities at the drop of a hat and then remind me of a dying fish when they get caught....flopping all over the place to confuse you and forget they were lying or to distract you in order to slither off. I love my daughter, but whew....She is a pisces through and through. Pisces also remind me of the grey lizard, one of the three catagories of Scorpios. Slithery and slimy.

Spot on truth . Pisces play the victim/ blame others/ control freak backstabbing/ actors and actresses. Want everything done for them or they will whine complain or *****, you can never please them for long . The helpless act they do is a way for them to get others to do their bidding. Be prepared for a life of servitude with these *******. They lie all the ******* time.

Agreed. They're not genuine. Their acting are so real, that makes a good backstabber bcause they act good in front of u.

Absolutely, totally true. And then they want to blame others for what their own downfall. Been there and done that, and ended my friendship with a Pisces because of it. They love to point fingers back at others and point out their faults, but can't stand it when the fingers point right back at them. If you (Pisces folks) can't or won't treat people the way you want them to treat you, don't waste up their time or your own.

They're not genuine by a longshot, no matter how much "martyr" they act, because that's all there is -- an act -- and they expect honesty and love? **** that ****. If making hell for others is all they know how to do, they deserve to suffer in it. Don't play games with people and you won't become a victim of it.

I just got out of a "friendship" with an older Pisces mooner (Aries sun).
This does NOT mean that all Pisces mooners are like this...

I've never met anyone who lied w/detail just to get out of a situation, something as simple as "I have to go." She was the biggest control freak I have ever met in my life...she dictated everything to me, used my feelings against me (I admired her so much in the beginning), and lied, unprompted.

I once apologized to her and she scolded me for it. We were walking around the mall and I apologize to her for something and she lowers her voice, so other people won't hear, and says through practically gnashed teeth:
You. Need. To. Stop. Apologizing. Ugh!

And she shakes her head like she's shaking it off and then her voice returns to normal and she says "So how was your weekend?"
Mind you, I'm not a chronic apologizer and was taught that adults apologize in person, not via text. Geez, I shouldn't even have apologized in the first place, I was just being nice. Ever since then, walking on eggshells and we haven't been friends for very long.

In the end, I cancel a "hang-out" with her because she lies to me.

I text her: Hi woman, just wanted to say hi and ask how your weekend was?

Her: Hi, my laptop took a **** and tablet is so slow, so haven't been on Facebook at all. I'm good. So how about we meet at the mall in three weeks from now, we can walk around.

She's lying about being on Facebook. She had been on, since we were on at the same time and she liked some pics that she had been tagged in and they were popping up on the top of my newsfeed. So, I'm tired of these small lies. I didn't even ask her "why haven't I heard from you?" or "have you been on Facebook?"

She was the most controlling person I have ever met. Everything had to be arranged, everything had to be scheduled, and everyone had to play their role. My role was to be her hang-out buddy, for when she felt like it, and when she felt like it. She would NEVER ask me to hang-out, because that would give me the power.
She also had a big ego and admitted that she only really goes on Facebook to like the pics she's been tagged in, rather than see what her friends are up to.

Still, I've never felt so emotionally connected to another women like that before. I'm sad, because aside from her weirdness, we got along well. The only thing was I felt like she kinda didn't have a personality of her own, like she mirrored mine to an extent. I never liked that. Be your own person.

Oh well. It was a learning experience.

You're right. Based on my experience, pisces are liars. They're not honest and sincere. They are attention seeker. They would cry infront of people just to make people feel sorry for them. Disgusting.

That's their favorite tactic: Play victim and get people to feel sorry for them even though their destructive actions are self-inflicted. Once their true colors are exposed, they wonder why not only make enemies, but also end up alone and bitter.

No am not a Pisces just putting out a point... Am sorry if this offend any one... But I have a Pisces friend for 15 years now and my current age is 40. I agree in somethings you guys are saying but not all Pisces people does get on so.some could control them self, others can not some lies others dont. My point really is, you guys making it seem like all Pisces people are bad they are not all bad it have some who will do anything to help you with out anything in return. Some keep to themselves some don't ask for no attention.
But say what that was just only my opinion some people won't agree with me others might. I just share what I am going through right now and sorry is I spell any words wrong.

Um you are spot on

Pisces are ******** and pretend to be sweet and nice and are easily led. They live in a dream world, thinking everything revolves around them. They lie ALL THE TIME!!!

They spend their whole lives living in a dream world, and wonder why they can't handle reality. Befriending a Pisces was the biggest mistake I ever made -- and won't repeat. All that bullshit they talk is just that -- bullshit. How do I know? My mom was a Pisces and she made my dad and siblings lives a living hell. If they want to know how and why their lives are so miserable, they can look no further than their mirrors.

Omg... my bil complains to my husband about his wife but then when he is with her he ******* and complains to her about us and has literally turned against us. Even our kids now. He is a pathological liar, two faced and very condescending. He even went along with his wife in not inviting his mom to their daughter's birthday parties. Now she is sick in the hospital. Pisces are freaking narcs.(narcissistic)

Yea this guy I know is a Pisces and he is crazy but thinks I'm the crazy one. All he wants is attention and when something doesn't go his way he flips help. Then tries to mend the friendship weeks later when he's drunk. He's flaky. I'm a Cancer and my mom is a Scorpio and we are real, genuine empathetic people but Pisces should be a Fire sign not a Water sign.

Flips out*

Add a response...

Shut ya ***** *** up

Dear pisceans , m Pisces too..
Ya we have flaws , offs and irritating personality sometimes..
This is jus for Pisces people..
If u really feel people r annoyed by u as the post says ..
Don't be discouraged .. U ll finally understand everything.. Every small things hurt us badly true ..

We jus need to set rules for ourself :-

Give n give , do look whom u r giving to , if u think its useless withdraw , u can't let ur negativity affect them they can't handle it .
U absorb negativity from surrounding created by people around . its nt easy n its ur nature .. Even if u want to stop tht ll take like ages
Take anger till ur extend , till others feel better BT after tht they still insult u for jus listening or advice or doing neither of tht n say u r helpless don't give a **** .

I know its hard to hate . BT if its time to hate don't listen to ur deceiving emotional self .look at the person in front n decide .retreat if u think its making ur energy imbalance .

Be helpful , be needy , be helpless to do who really really need .
Stop bracing abt ur ocean to fire and land .. . they r good at the place . explain n talk to ur water beings .
U have different characteristics.. Fish can never survive on land without water .. N u ll be fried because of fire .. If they come to ur territory they ll be drowned as well..
Don't depend on people who can't take ur lill drop of negativity ..
They think its our imagination

We know wat v r n v can take almost everything without complain

If u don't want to b hurt don't hurt them , nor let them hurt u
U r a reflector too.. BT obvious u ll give same in return wat they ll .

If u get hurt u ll always grow ur negativity
That ll hurt other 20% n u yourself 100%
BT tht 30% is suicide for them .. They ll eventually reply u back with "wat the hell's wrong with u " .
Pisces u r strong wen u can bare the pain without complain

Jus make but silence ur shield , let ur silence answer thr questions ..
Don't hyper them , nor ur self ..

Its meaningless to feed anger .

And lastly don't make ur sensitivity ur weakness .. Jus .. Learn from people around u guys

Don't give a **** they say .

Don't underestimate ur self.. They also do the same .. NVR underestimating them self..

N specially no one is hateful to u .. They jus can't speak softly.. :)

Pisces is the best sign ever. Pisceans LOVES to escape from the reality, because it's a harsh place :( (Fck the reality!) People might say we're Very weird, but we're proud of that! Sure, we're overly sensitive, lazy, disorganized, compassionate, devoted, very kind, peaceful, honest, romantic, respectful, trustful, delicate and hate conversations(so boring!). We're also moody, sometimes anxious and stubborn, also very introverted and submissive. We LOVE being alone, doing our personal stuffs without people telling what to do, so yeah we're rebellious. We Hate trouble, Hate arguing, Hate fighting and Hate having people hating us. We don't have "backbone" and don't have any "attitude" at all. And those are not bad things at all! We're also good liars tho. (our only "defense")
Don't hate the pisceans, please. We're so innocent! It's you guys who are cruel, heartless, mean and hateful. >.

Perfect example of Pisces playing the victim but never see what they do to others .

Like I said, pisces are very innocent, so yeah you can call it "playing the victim" in your words.. But that's not a bad thing! If we do things to/hurt other people/our surroundings, we don't really care and it's almost never intended. We have a very kind and gentle heart. 3 We are also very generous by nature, so not many people hate the pisces. People that don't like pisces, thats because they don't get us at all, or they think we are dull (we are in our own world, too dreamy, escapist)...;)

" If we do things to/hurt other people/our surroundings, we don't really care and it's almost never intended " perfect example of what a pisces is ! You don't care if you hurt anyone and it's ok somehow because is wasn't intended !! You people kill me with the oops it was an accident bullshit.. God forbid someone accidentally hurts you then that's a different story , Pisces are so full of crap, cannot be trusted !!

Honestly, The pisces are the best sign who trust anyone very easily, and they are the most sensible sign( that's a quality, but also negative), meaning that they get hurt VERY easily... That's why most of pisces are loners. Their only "defense" in this harsh world is to not care/not get attached to anyone. Pisces are generous, very gentle by nature to anyone tho. THAT's why people get angry when they TRUST pisces completely, because the best sentences that represent Us is : "We don't give a damn about anything. Just leave us alone in our own world..or not, YOU(family/friends/girlfreinds/anyone) can try to join our world, but we won't force you to. Because we just don't give a damn in the end. You might trust us or not, we honestly don't really care ;) We don't get attached to anything, so that we don't get hurt."
We are not "full of crap", like I said previously, you just don't get US at all.

The previous poster is correct -- you *ARE* full of crap. It's obvious to the rest of us that you just don't get US. Trying to pin the blame on others won't help you. *WHEN* you practice what you preach, people will actually think better of you. When you finally face reality and grow up, people will actually be willing to connect with you, not before.

Indeed. You know us very well. :) Our best quality is that we are full of crap/ RARELY give a single **** about anything/anyone and that is what we are most proud of. And people really like us because we dont annoy them for having attitude/ in other words, everyone loves pisces because they dont give a fk about anything in this world. :P Deal with it if you got a problem, but for us, we dont care and we just hope that you like people(pisces) that dont hate.. but we dont love either. We are the escapist zodiac sign of the reality. We escape problems in the harsh world and that makes us SMART.

Hate to break it to you, but "not giving a single ****" is nothing to be "proud" of. Sorry but you *DO* annoy people with that kind of attitude, and you're really fooling yourself if you believer that "everybody loves you". If it were the case, people wouldn't have negative beliefs about you. I certainly know you Pisces very well, and obviously it's *YOU* who have a problem with those of US who live in reality, something you have proven yourselves incapable of doing, so spare me with the bullshit because "escapism" doesn't make you smart, it shows complete cowardice.

How is running away through escapism working for you? Not helping much, huh? You can deceive yourself as much as you like, but the reality you love to run from is not going away, and neither are real people.

We are the fish, so like the animal, we obviously run and run away from danger no matter what, until we die. This is our only defense..in other words, Cowardice is the only way we can survive in this harsh world with so many, many wild predators that can hurt us. You can hate us for being who we are, but that doesn't mean that it is a bad thing!! If you check Online what are the favorite and worst zodiac signs(top10s/commentaries), then you could see that Pisces are one of the most appreciated for many reasons, like that Pisceans Hate trouble, Be in trouble and Causing trouble, but often the reality is Trouble so we try to escape. You understand? Sure, it is not "Smart" when we MUST confront reality no matter what (for other people's sake), but escaping reality isn't that much of a big deal for us because we are EXPERT at avoiding those "troublemakers" like YOU, the opposite people who freaking love to confront reality. We are fishes after all. Try to catch a fish with your hand if you can. Pisceans are extremely good at reacting/understanding to others/see/know their emotions (like fishes). We just want to fade in the crowd and be friendly with everyone without giving a single *** in the world. Is that so hard to deal with?

Btw, what's your zodiac sign?

Not surprising. And yet, they're still trying to sell this "victim/martyr" thing when it's time to pay the price. It might work that way on "Fantasy Island", but that won't fly in the real world. As long as consequences exist, there ain't no such thing as "rose-colored glasses". There is no "gray area".

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You don't ****. You just got wacky assets friends with no morals. Get y'all life and stop generalizing....ooops was that mean... I guess it's cuz I'm a pisces

Take it to your mirror. Practice what you preach.

It seems like they are just a damaged individual. Those can be found in any sign. I think it's wrong AND super immature to label everyone whose birthday falls under a specific sign as anything, ie ALL Leo's are narcissistic, condescending ********, ALL Virgos are insecure perfectionists on the verge of suicide, or ALL Scorpios are evil, vitriolic nymphomaniacs....It's not only nature, but nurture that molds a person. I've known some pisces like the ones you've described, and some ones who we'd all be better if we were more like. Everyone sucks in some ways. Let's place our own weaknesses under a microscope first.

Well... I'm a pisces also and, i don't use people... I hate attention... I don't hide who i really am. The kind person you see is what you get. I hate luxury. And really all i have to say is, even though you haven't met me, not all pisces ae like that.

I'm an Aquarius and I've had awful experiences with all the Pisces I've gotten close to. I can get along with them relatively well on a very superficial level, but once we become close and they're required to behave like a TRUE friend, that's where it goes down hill. They seem to lack a sense of loyalty and they're very self-centered and passive-aggressive. Someone in the comments mentioned how Pisces reflect your behavior or something like that... WHAT THE HECK?! Just be your own person, don't worry about how another person acts towards you. In my experience, fixed signs and air/earth signs just don't mix with Pisces. I find it annoying how they take my criticism so personally and get so emotional and vindictive about it. It's like, well stop being fake and overly emotional and I wouldn't have to call you out on it. Honesty, sincerity, and rationality are very important to me in any relationship, and I very rarely see these traits in Pisces. I'm not saying all Pisces are like this, but this is just my personal experience with them.

Also, I highly doubt the op is jealous of this girl... Honestly, some Pisces are just so infuriating to those of us who are more rational and fixed in our values or beliefs. I'm sure the op is just venting, don't take it so personally.

Basically she's a nasty person and you shouldn't be friends cause all that negative energy will drain you, get away my dear. Cheers.

Agreed 100%. Great advice.

It actually depends on what a Pisces has gone through in life and who they hang out with simply because Pisceans match their emotional state and habits to those around them and if hurt enough times they become selfish and manipulative because that's how people have treated them and Pisces are so low in confidence they don't want to admit they have a good side or good intentions, or are talented at something for fear of being wrong and put down, so they will bash themselves or others to friends as a defence mechanism, she is probably using that tactic in reaction to your straight forward and honest personality, a Pisces will show a fake personality so someone judged that instead of their real self. When Pisces feel emotions they feel it to an extreme there isn't an in between for Pisces. It's hard to understand a Pisces because they are in the clouds most of the time and avoids conflict by any means of escape, Pisces love luxury and you never truly know a Pisces. Pisces are often misunderstood as attention seeking, they do not do it on purpose, Pisces by nature attract others to them because they use their sixth sense and connect with another's psyche, and the mysterious nature of a Pisceans also attract others, a Pisces simply wants someone there to protect them although they are able to fend for themselves their over sensitive emotions and absent mindedness leaves them afraid and feels alone. Pisces if treated correctly will then cater to your every need.
By being negative you are causing her to adapt her personality to you and in turn she is becoming more negative to you and others.

Hello, I'm a Sun in Libra / Moon in Capricorn and I adore pisces. They are so very understanding and generous. As a matter of fact every woman I ever fallen madly in love with has been either a Pisces or Aquarius and that's what kind of woman I will choose. I have had a bad habit of falling for married or engaged pisces women or ones that I met while in foreign countries where I had to leave within a few days so I usually kept my infatuations to myself. Otherwise I would have put effort into the relationship. Most Pisces women have a magic way with conversations that is irresistable. I just love them so much.Yes, I have seen their darker sides too. I have experienced the mood swings such as being screamed at for not listening to her, unpredictable mind changing, sad stories and slow response time to my email messages but these things don't actually bother me that much. If we're in love I won't care about these shortcomings if she is there for me. I've only met one Pisces girl a long time ago that was asking guys to buy her stuff but she was up front about it. I had a Japanese Pisces girl take me out in Nagoya Japan and show me around the city every day and I felt like I was in heaven because of all the attention she gave me and she even insisted on buying dinner for me. Too bad I couldn't get a Japanese work visa. I would have kept her forever. I love Pisces silly facial expressions! They are so much fun to be with even for a few minutes of conversation magic and I already feel loved for the rest of the week. Now I am actively looking for a Pisces or Sidereal Aquarius woman and have met four nice ones recently that are kind of at the aquaintence level now. All the Pisces and Sidereal Aquarius I have met have always been so very understanding, supportive, generous, interesting, fun, charming, easy to please, unbelieveably forgiving, inspiring, affectionate and intelligent. The key to getting along with this type is open communication. I have been improving my communication skills lately so that I can make this work. I want to let all you Pisces out there that have been hearing all this negative stuff that there is somebody here that loves you. When I find my Pisces / Sidereal Aquarius goddess I will hug and squeeze her forever! Theres nothing I want more in this life.

I'm a Pisces/Sidereal Aquarius :)

I love you!!! Since I posted my last comment, I've actually made several new Pisces / Sidereal Aquarius friends and I'm currently dating a very beautiful March-9 Pisces girl. She knows a lot about all kinds of stuff and has unusual ideas which makes her all the more interesting. I love how you're so understanding and caring. You make great conversationalists and are a lot of fun to be around. I read several other blogs on how to treat a Pisces girl and I very glad I did.

you sound jealous. sorry, but you do.

Well I'm a Pisces, and I'm actually no where near that kind of personality. Probably the opposite. If there's something I do despise about almost every other sign, it's that we're categorized as this "emotional" "attention-seeking" vacuume. I don't believe in zodiac signs because they're extremely inaccurate, and I find it hard to believe that an entire personality is based on the day you were born. You're here, ranting over a girls zodiac sign and personality, and you're already a working adult. In my eyes, I would see you as immature and childish. Her business is not yours, so stop acting as if you have some privilege to judge. I think zodiac signs are fun and different, but to really take it to an extent and rant over someone that you hardly know, and then generalize an entire population of people? Wow. The sign of intelligence is defitnantly not here.

Pisces are complex. Don't try to understand just go with the flow and you'll,be ok. But as for attention yes we need it round the clock 24/7 or else we feel neglected. Its just in our nature to be sensitive and want attention. And we can be little picky but most of the time we like to choose a guy based on his face and his personality.

Sounds like you may need to think more about your own life or at least take a good long look at yourself & how you're life is going. Putting so much energy into worrying about how another person conducts themselves is not healthy. If you feel the need to be involved maybe try just giving her your opinion then let it go. Otherwise drop it and move on. If you TRULY believe in astrology you know putting any type of negative energy out into the cosmos is merely poisen. Best of luck to you, never give up on yourself.....we are always a work in progress.
Ps. If I had to guess I would say you are an Aries?

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You can't just categorize every Pisces based on the few you know.I know very sweet Pisces and mean Pisces.I think it's safe to say that personality is the key here.your Sun sign only effects some of it.then you have your Moon and Rising signs,on top of past experience and your situation. There are genuinely sweet people and horribly mean people in every sign of the zodiac, so please know your facts before bashing an entirety of people from only have
meeting a few.

Why should we "characterize" Pisces folks when they're doing such a marvelous job of that *for* us?

This is pretty accurate. I have a picses girl on my team (I'm a competitive synchronized swimmer) as my duet partner and she is exactly like a vacuum. She says things to me and then spends more money and time going behind my back to try and get better than me. I am a capricorn so I'm very ambitious and like to be a step ahead of the game and I work hard, but this pisces girl cuts class in school everyday to go to the pool early and get 2 extra hours with my coaches. And I would do the same as her but I'm dedicated to school just as I am my sport. But seriously, the pisces girl I know complains a lot when she doesn't get her way, and likes to underestimate herself by saying things like "omg I did so bad at that competition! I suck so much!" And then she ended beating me by 25 places and coming in first. I feel like I'm always in her shadow and the coaches like to invest all their time into her cause they think she's the "winner" even though I work harder than her. and she acts all cute and innocent and quiet and shy, but then she goes and attracts attention to herself so everybody follows her and devote their attention to her for everything she does. And also, when I differ in opinion from her she calls me stupid and insulting things and then goes back to being innocent and shy around my coaches just to cover it up. And also pisces just can't take constructive criticism. I know 3 pisces girls and when I try and help them improve on things and try and correct then nicely they get all angry and start tying to point out my flaws😒 anyways, that's the end of my rant on here. (Btw. I am sorry for all of u pisces out there, im sure you're all great ppl :) and I didn't mean to offend u but I was just venting about my experience with some pisces girls that I've had, although I have met several other pisces makes and females who r very nice ppl) :)

I can understand where you are coming from, I really do, and I'm not criticizing anything, I just wanted to say something that might help you get along with other Pisceans in the future. Pisces complain about things going wrong because they live in their own world and reality can differ greatly, their reaction to something going differently is much like when someone does a long math problem and the answer doesn't make sense, it causes complaints. A Pisces when passionate about something will go all out and make sacrifices to get better at something and in their minds they are never good enough and constantly criticize themselves, but they do this in secret for fear of being seen as arrogant, and often they are so fixated they don't realize what their actions end up looking to other people, she may be doing this too you subconsciously, as for cutting class, although able to be dedicated Pisceans are incredibly lazy (one of their more negative traits) and if something isn't interesting to them they will simply put no effort into doing it. So she sees synchronized swimming as more enjoyable and interesting instead of those classes she is missing. As for underestimating herself, Pisceans other negative trait is low self confidence, Pisceans will often tell others they aren't capaple or exceptional at something for fear of the outcome proving them wrong and being made fun of. And regarding the attention, a Pisces does not attract attention on purpose, although deeply they crave attention because of a lack of love and reassurance in life, so they do this subconsciously, because a Pisces rules their life by emotions, they use their sixth sense to adapt to people spiritually, this trait and the natural quiet and mysterious nature of a Pisces causes them to be very popular and admired. When a Pisces snaps at you or insults you in response to corrections it is them lashing out because their fear of screwing up has come true, and they become defensive, Pisces certainly do not take criticism well, as you said.The cute and innocent is, believe it or not, not an act, that is a Pisces true nature, and after their negative side being drawn out they will revert back to how they usually are. It is highly likely she isn't aware of how she is treating you or your frustrations as Pisceans come off as distant and condescending, but they aren't fond of reality and escape into their heads, unaware of what is going on, and not paying attention to others. It can be difficult to get along with a Pisces because of how self absorbed they can be. And Pisceans try to latch on to people that can protect them and strong willed individuals, so you two should actually be getting along, how interesting. Maybe it's because of the competitive environment and Pisces are stand off ish in those situation? Hmmm, interesting indeed...
I hope that small insight might help with future Pisceans that rub you the wrong way. Although I am surprised because Capricorns and Pisceans are great matches because one supplies what the other lacks.

oh my gosh, I'm so glad I found this post, I am currently in a relationship with a Pisces and he's an abusive a ** hole. If he is happy then everything is good, but if he's not , like if works bad or he gained a lot of weight so he's not happy with the way he looks, everything becomes my fault. He is so controlling, if I'm watching tv in the bedroom and he wants to sleep I have to leave, and if he wants to watch tv in the living room and I'm in their I have to leave or get ignored for days and the anger just builds in side of him till he pops and then he starts hitting. Needless to say I'm done with Pisces males.

I dare a Pisces to lie about how they *REALLY* are behind that "sweet" facade so I can laugh in their faces and call them every kind of liars and hypocrites in the book. Their "victim/martyr" act might work on the unsuspecting, but that **** won't work on those who dealt with them one-on-on.

I'm a Pisces (aqua moon, libra rising, Aries venus, Scorpio mars)
But if you evaluate it I'm more air and fire than water.
Okay...I HATE pisces. I don't get them AT ALL. They make no sense to me they're so wish-washy, and can't make up their minds. They don't know what they want and they can't have real friendships because they're so...so freaking weird. I can't stand them. I can't be around that kind of chaos and 'emotionality' because it's so overwhelming when I'm trying to make my own decisions and figure myself out and they bring all this confusion to the vibes. I can't stand them. I admit to being 'sorta' pisces-ish, but I have so much aries in me it blocks it out. My mom even says she thinks it's weird that I'm a Pisces. All I need to say is I don't like them at all, they're just too confusing and it drives me NUTS. I admire them but I'll never like one more than that.

Well I can see where you're coming from. My best friend has a girlfriend, and I know her, and yeah, she's totally crazy and she's a control freak, and she's a huge attention seeker, and she's always finding reasons to be sad, never accepts an apology, always jealous and so on. But then I know another piscean girl, who is just amazing, she is very social, everybody I talk to knows her and loves her, she is funny crazy inteligent supportive caring and so on. I myseld am a Piscean too and my girlfriend is a Leo. We have an AMAZING time together and I can tell ya there are no fight or anything of the sorts between us, just pure love and romance and everything you could want in a relationship :) Meanwhile I've met another leo who was once again a huge attention seeker, always wanting to be the one who leads, the one who's always right, had a huge ego, etc. So I think its safe to say, don't judge a sign ba<x>sed on a few people. Each sign has its ups and downs. And all good and bad people do belong to some sign! Adolf Hitler was an Aries. Can we say all Arieans are gonna murder the Jews? No right? xD So yeah, thats all. Wish you good luck in your relationship(s). :)

I married a Pisces. We are heading for divorce. Some of the things she has done to me are crazy. On our first Valentines day together after getting married she was texting an ex boyfriend and consoling him about his recent break up!! She even had the nerve to continue doing it when we got home and were in bed. I understand that Pisces are supposed to be caring individuals but that was ridiculous. And I have never met a woman who ALWAYS gets the last word in. I have seen the Pisces female anger and it is almost demon- like when it is happening. And she can lie about things like no other. And she is NEVER wrong. I fell in love with a beautiful crazy woman and I need to escape. But I get the feeling that she is such a control freak that she might stalk me. All I know is that we have been separated for a few months and I can finally get a good nights sleep now.

Hello, I'm a Sun in Libra / Moon in Capricorn and I adore pisces. They are so very understanding and generous. As a matter of fact every woman I ever fallen madly in love with has been either a Pisces or Aquarius and that's what kind of woman I will choose. I have had a bad habit of falling for married or engaged pisces women or ones that I met while in foreign countries where I had to leave within a few days so I usually kept my infatuations to myself. Otherwise I would have put effort into the relationship. Most Pisces women have a magic way with conversations that is irresistable. I just love them so much.

Yes, I have seen their darker sides too. I have experienced the mood swings such as being screamed at for not listening to her, unpredictable mind changing, sad stories and slow response time to my email messages but these things don't actually bother me that much. If we're in love I won't care about these shortcomings if she is there for me. I've only met one Pisces girl a long time ago that was asking guys to buy her stuff but she was up front about it. I had a Japanese Pisces girl take me out in Nagoya Japan and show me around the city every day and I felt like I was in heaven because of all the attention she gave me and she even insisted on buying dinner for me. Too bad I couldn't get a Japanese work visa. I would have kept her forever. I love Pisces silly facial expressions! They are so much fun to be with even for a few minutes of conversation magic and I already feel loved for the rest of the week. Now I am actively looking for a Pisces or Sidereal Aquarius woman and have met four nice ones recently that are kind of at the aquaintence level now. All the Pisces and Sidereal Aquarius I have met have always been so very understanding, supportive, generous, interesting, fun, charming, easy to please, unbelieveably forgiving, inspiring, affectionate and intelligent. The key to getting along with this type is open communication. I have been improving my communication skills lately so that I can make this work. I want to let all you Pisces out there that have been hearing all this negative stuff that there is somebody here that loves you. When I find my Pisces / Sidereal Aquarius goddess I will hug and squeeze her forever! Theres nothing I want more in this life.

Both my step parents are/were Pisces! My step mother is a complete vacuum! She's very cunning, manipulative, dramatic, two-faced and plays the damsel in distress w men to get what she wants! I've severed my relationship w her and my father. He's a Pisces w absolutely NO backbone. He knows how she is, yet stays w the psychotic tw@t. My step dad was the most abusive, sick, sadistic , twisted m@therfucker.

My first wife was a Pisces. I am currently being stalked technologically by a female Pisces, who is a hacker. She is a fully psychotic, passive-aggressive Jewish American Princess on a trust fund and she has caused many problems in my life, over the past three and a half years. She will not go away and I'm certain that she will continue to harass and stalk me, until one of us drops dead. My sun sign is Taurus, ascendant is Cancer, moon is Gemini.

There's bad people everywhere and in every sign. Im a pisces and I find some of them to be two faced and annoying as well. However we are emotional sponges. Considering your very critical and negative nature...she does it too in order to relate to you. In a way she is being compassionate, and much more so by not stooping as low as you and airing out your dirty laundry. Which I'm certain you have plenty of yourself. Maybe ya two compete for the same attention, who knows. But it sounds like your "friendship" is not valued by you and if you're so "honest", then tell her off and move on. Have a nice day.<br />
<br />
I have a feeling you're a Taurus or Virgo...

I'm sure you could find many cruel and harmful people you could use to represent any star sign. Whatever star sign you are there is someone who sets a bad example. I have had close relationships with 2 pisces both very different but unfortunately their negative traits outweigh their good qualities. My ex was / is essentially the most selfish and manipulative person I have met yet, he is also misunderstood. My father is bigoted and conceded and hurts the people around him blindly, in an effort to help them with methods he sadly believes is the only way. I am a triple pisces (moon, sun and ascending sign is pisces). I see them for what they are and most definitely nothing like them. I spent a very long time making excuses for them and comforting the people they have hurt. Pisces are confused. They are lost. They are always pulled in different directions and from my experience they are pulled to give everything they have to help and keep the peace or they are pulled to be selfish and soothe themselves from the energies that surround them, this is where they become numb to it, but no less aware. Don't let one person spoil the pisces name, many have potential to make selfless companions too. I'd like to think I complement my boyfriends nature (Aries) and he mine. You might like to concider how a sun sign and moon sign may affect her nature also.

I think "you're" the problem in this case..why so stuck up over somebody's else actions and then accuse everyone else of being alike that person?. This statement just breeds ignorance and jealousy !

I agree wholeheartedly.


Bullshit. You're probably a wack job, self absorbed, attention seeking, mind ******* Pisces.You're argument to the poster just fell out underneath you... Why? YOU SOUGHT ATTENTION WITH THIS COMMENT!!! Let me guess... Pisces right? GTFOH

What a stupid post. At first you blame Pisces for all your woes then you go and date an Aries and...continue to blame a Pisces for all your woes. Sounds like you are playing the victim card. Not sure what your sign is but I can tell you what your psychological disorder is. You sound like a Borderline.

how would you no..

And you sound like a lame Pisces that hates being called out on how you jerk-offs really are. Truth hurts doesn't it?

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I recently met a pisces and started reading about their horoscope because he was a little confusing to me and it's all true the bad and good side. They do have split personalities... This guy even has a name for both sides. The side I first met was sweet, giving, and loving. But the other day we went out to eat with his friends and that was the first time I had been around him with others and he was completely full if himself, moody, and just wild! And he was drinking like crazy! I'm a gemini and I like him for his sweet side and I want to get to know him for that part but not sure if he's into me..the other day when he was just weird I was quiet the whole time and he hasn't talked much to me after that....

I know a pisces like that. She used to be married to my brother until she cheated on him because he "didn't love her enough", and she'd spend all his money on clothes and flights to go see her "true love" and all that. Then she took their two kids and left him to go live with her new BF. ._. I'm a pisces too; I hope I don't end up becoming like that...

well, im a Pisces and I understand we are extremely over emotional but...its people like you who make it worse. Not all of us are rude like that, for one im very friendly.. I don't like yelling and I hate "negative" environments. Why must you be stereotypical? If you searched enough Pisces are unpredictable.. so while one might be rude,, there are others who are extremely nice :) thank you for expressing your hate so in this event I could respond back!

Ok you just made no sense. You hate negativity but just attempted to throw shade aka NEGATIVE COMMENT. I love how your sign claims you hate negativity, and plays victim. It is absolutely adorable.

Frankly, their hypocrisy and "victim" playing when their true colors are exposed. It's absolutely *BEYOND* sickening.

OH and BTW. The money situation ; WTF do you mean, "Pisces" is about money. Woow, you must really believe one Pisces represent the whole nation!. NO oh NO. That would be incorrect hun, just NO. Again I am a Pisces, but it looks to me that you have a lot of jealousy to include those kind of facts in your complaint about a Pisces. I'm speechless. I have no IDEA why you would want to bash everyone's head in because of a Pisces you DON'T LIKE. Anyway, I've never been about a SINGLE thing that you came up with outta the blues. As a matter of fact, I've been given compliments PLENTY of times, on how patient, polite, funny, creative etc. I can be. Not mad at you all. Just surprised how you chose to throw dirt on the Pisces face among everyone in the world :))

Aquarius here would like to say that i have given you Pisces all a chance, my sister is insane half the time meddling in everyone' business and if ur not to her self righteousness standards she hates you, my ex a Pisces and best adjective to describe him would be psycho.... and well my mom has matured with age but our growing up years.... very abusive and painful. Sorry to say Pisces when born need great guidance n tons of therapy. ....jeesh!

Who's "all of you" exactly?. And correct yourself, how do you know for fact that all Pisces are the same?. You've never met me, okay then. My point exactly. People are born/raised differently. Like yourself for an example. You've had abusive and painful experiences with a Pisces whom had "issues"!. Btw, very sorry that you've been thru that. I hope you well. I am a Pisces, I was born with an independent, crazy-loving, funny mother whom raised me to value myself and to have values in my personal life :)

*raised not born with. Oopsy.

I see where you're going with this. but, I also disagree on the fact that you think that "ALL" Pisces are mean, when in fact there's going to be PLENTY of mean folks, but not every Pisces has to be. An example would be myself. I'm a Pisces and I've never felt SOO much negative energy inside that I have to start showing my behind off to get anyone's attention. I'm more to myself type of person, and doesn't talk to alot of ppl because I simply can't if there isn't trust. I'm very wise when it comes to making choices. I don't "Judge" anyone's action, unless they start to harm others around us. I don't mind having fun at ALL. As a matter of fact, I'm goofy as hell!. I'm really calm and patient. It's rare that I have really bad attitudes. Until ppl begins rubbing me the wrong way, that is normal for anyone?. Confusion is definitely the correct term for Pisces!. I can be at times >.

When you are.... in what world exactly????

She's obviously in "your world". Wake up and face the reality!.

Oh, the very thing you can't face yourself? Try again.

Ive had different experiences with different pisces. My mother who is a pisces went down the road of the more nervous, skittish, delusional "dream world" piscean mentality. This may be due in part to the fact that she does not have a strong man to keep her grounded as she is remarried to another piscean man. Neither one of them can ever seem to make a decision; they both go back ane forth with each other. Recently i wen. partners on a huge creative project endeavour in which the proprietor was a pisces man. Great friend, awesome creative inventor but when the project went south he became the nastiest, most critical, mean spirited emotionally unbalanced mess to be around.

I am a stern spoken scorpio; alpha male and of course i would let him rant on sometimes as he was many years my senior - but when push came to shove: A CRAZY, OUT OF LINE PISCES CAN DISH IT BUT THEY CANT TAKE IT". Once I felt that he was critical and quarreling with me to the point that he was crossing the line, I would get up in his face and give him that nasty scorpio sting until he would break down emotionally and then sleep for 3 days. My piscean mother who lost her mind after my father died when i was 9, had very similar behaviors. She was an emotional roller coaster and could be extremely moody and abusive but once again, for every hour of abuse she put out - a two minute session of Scorpio tongue lashing temper would freak her out. You have to just deal with pisces sometimes - they are awesome people but need to be grounded.

Iv been with a Pisces man who is "Bipolar" and has such strong Pisces traits with extream "mood swings" which I call "changing lanes" its less invalidative way to describe the Chemical Embalances of "Bipolar Illness" which I believe is so missunderstood! I also have Identical Twin Sister we are 5 mins apart and she has "Chemical Embalance" that Iv been told since early 20s that I don't have. Its been ruin of my life! As well as being in Chuch of Scientology when I was young, Tom Cruise, John Travolta don't have a clue how Dehabilitating this church actually is! They only know the celeberty side of this "church" I grewup with people that u hear bout on the news that had their lives threatened and were hurt, my family was harrassed for years! I spent years working inside this church All the horror stories u hear are 100 percent TRUE! I thot I was a elite human being and when I left the churh after years I had been so suppressed, so programed, so controled I knew nothing, I had no tools to survive in this world, no education, I then had to deal with my twin sister keying into meltal illness! Iv survived a lot. Now I'm n Love with someone who isnt really mentally ill, he is the "whole package" the spiritual ore enbodied with a magnectic energy! As well as physically very attractive. So is he a deep spirtitual Pisces with a weakness for drugs, fast life, as well as the alturistic world of fantasy, love, etc... He's been diagnosed Bipolar for years and I don't think he really is. Can someone help me. Now he's in the hospital for going on drug, achohol binge as result he's being medicated and may be there awhile. I have many conflicting feelings bout "Meds" to me the whole system "MEDICATES TO SEDATE" I fought them for years. What do u tell someone who says there are "green men in the sky" its not ok to invalidate peoples realities but in today society of what's "real" "green men in the sky" arnt on the list. I have learned that in the Mental Illness System that if its not a object infront of u it doesn't exist!

I'm a pisces and Ive heard so many people tell me I'm Bipolar and mean, until someone hurts my feelings we are very sensitive and caring we love way to easy, so for you to say we use people for money etc. is out of hand because were caring how can you say she's your friend but think such horrible things about her? Oh your the crazy one.

What a terrible things to say ... I am a pisces women and I am none of those things you say .. You can't judge all people on one person that's very narrow minded and child like ... I would never use anyone for money etc and think that it's terrible she does that ... I'm a single mum to seven as my husband passed away nearly three years ago ... I have nothing for myself my life and all i have is for my children and family and expect nothing in return as I do it because I care ... I am KIND I am CARING I would give to ANYONE that needs me or help and have done on many many occasions ... I do day dream and have lots of traits that a pisces has ... But I always pride myself on treating others how I would like to be treated and I never ever ever judge because let's face it no one is perfect and we all have a story to tell ... I'm sorry that one person makes you feel this way ... But all I get from your blog is jealous and that's a useless emotion .. You don't have to listen to her so rise above it and don't

Sounds like you are in love with the boyfriend of the Pisces. My guess is you are a freak show Gemini or a hater!

Oh wow your true side came out! If someone has an opinion u go for the jugular. .. I agree with Scorpio:-)

Well, it's kinda hilarious that all the "messed up" people you meet are pisces. What a luck you have. But then again today I found out that a relative of mine has 2 pisces in her class, she described them both as a bit crazy =D

Dont judge all pisces the same because of the one you met....sounds like you a little jealous if you typed a whole complaint... Now tell me whats yoir sign?

You all are the same so stop that bullshit ok.

Oh.. I'm a bring it on Pisces 2/28.. Have Zero problem telling Anyone how it is!
Very Black n White ... No gray with this fish.. FYI : There are up/ down stream Pisces so don't be so quick to judge something you obviously don't know much about . Ever met a cocky ,up front , , in your face, do what she says & says what she means Pisces?? And I Don't do lip service!! Ya have now baby!

I am sorry infusion didnt understand a word you said....

I'm a Pisces .. And know MANY.. Not any like your Wacko friend. Maybe it's Not her sign , she may just be a twisted nut job!
Sounds like you have some issues of your own as well .. Don't be such a pansy and let her Know how you feel about her!

No all Pisces are this way. I for one am not!

Since I wrote the article, I started dating an aquarius (who had a moon in pisces --> Did not know this until later, but it was hands down the WORST relationship I have been in in my life. I should have re read my own post and RAN AWAY when I found out his moon was in pisces. The moon is who you are on the inside. LOL. He was totally emotionally manipulative/abusive and moody as f***!!! I never knew what mood he would be in when I met him and it just got exhausting so it was time to say bye bye.
Also one of my flatmates happens to be a pisces and he is creepy. Stares hard at me when he thinks im not looking. Makes me want to say "why don't you take a picture?" I don't though because I think hes slightly mentally impaired. I have caught him lying about things to try to manipulate me (into going out with 'just' him). They are not harmless lies either. He was backstabbing another male flatmate because he knew he liked me and was being nice to me. He also had to backstab all the other male flatmates for good measure. He told me a story about how one of them slept with a girl and then dumped her because she had a medical problem. Basically, he's trying to create DRAMA (=PISCES)
I am going to start screening people I associate with to check if they have any pisces in them ahahahahaha

and avoiding them like the plague obviously. Oh forgot to mention a pisces associate asked if I would lend her $200 bucks, wouldn't tell me what it was for, like a sucker I gave her the money cos I thought she needed it for something important. Found out she used it to buy a puppy and then when it came time to pay me back, avoided me for a bit, then entirely just stopped responding to my messages. And THAT is most Pisces for ya. By the way if you are in the minority of pisces who does not do this....I bet its just a temporary phase. Sorry to be negative but I have just had too many ****** experiences with them before and since writing all this.... :/

So what?? Do you not know how to say no or even try to communicate how you feel about the situation?. Btw, sorry you cannot have any decent experience with an Pisces. It's simply because you're judge mental. Half of honorable Pisces, probably doesn't want to be bothered by your craziness!.


You are so completely nuts it's rediculous! The guy probably states at you because he can't figure out what the hell is wrong with you &amp; trying to diagnos your mental illness. Maybe the wind blows past a Pisces you are standing next to and blah blah blah! You are damaged! Sorry honey!!

My word what an arrogant f*** you are! I take great pleasure in knowing that one day, when you are old and decrepit, in a nursing home, dribbling and incontinent, it will more than likely be a piscean looking after you, mwahahahah!!

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Omg!!!! Don't knock her lil hustle!!! Like really how can u label each n every Pisces based on the few u don't like!!!! Stop being phoney bcuz obviously u chill n talk to her but u don't like her

Its people who are heavily piscean that I have a major problem with. I just walk away. stop dragging me into needless drama and stealing my money pisces.

How about find some decent friends and stop whining ??.

Funny because ALL Earth/water/libra [aka feminine] signs are like this... petty as ****... lol

Funny because ALL Earth/water/libra [aka feminine] signs are like this... petty as ****... lol

Out of the 8 piscean people I have got to know on a personal basis since 2010, 1 of them is marginally okay to hang out with for very short periods of time. The rest are emotionally unstable and needy and don't know what they want/change their minds often. Its okay I'm not mad anymore. i just see it as a mental disorder....like schizophrenia.

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First of all, a person's chart makes up their personality, the sun sign is a very minute part of it (i.e I am a Pisces sun, but Capricorn is the most dominant sign in my chart, Saturn (Capricorn's ruler) is the most dominant Planet, and Earth (Capricorn's element) is by far the most dominant element in my chart. Furthermore, the world is not black and white, nothing is. Stealing is said to be "wrong," but what if a family member was dying of a chronic illness and one person had a monopoly over the cure and could sell it at whatever price they chose, and chose a high price, and you offered to buy it in payments but they turned your offer down because they wanted the money whole? Would stealing the medicine still be "wrong," or would letting someone die for the sake of trying to be "obedient" or "right" be worse. The world is gray, and it's too bad that you can't see it that way. Furthermore, this little rant of yours sound more like someone who is jealous of a Pisces having something or someone you want so you are bashing her.

Sure, but its black and white if you 'borrow' money from a friend to buy a puppy, leave that bit out and never pay her back.

Also, no, not jealous just disgusted/frustrated that she had no morals. I didn't want to yell at her because she didn't speak very good English. There was a communication problem between us. But I kept telling myself that she wasn't intending to use that guy, she was just speaking crappy English and not getting her points across well. When I found out waht she was actually saying, I was sad that she felt she had to front and use a guy like that and did not feel any guilt. In no way did I find him attractive -he was big boned which is not my type. Besides I have my harem of admirers to deal with. This was soooo long ago almost forgot

And I would like to say one more thing from my previous post just a couple of minutes ago. I know Pisces have "moods." My Pisces did come back and want to continue where we left off after the first time he quit communication. (I have to give him that much). I am just not sure why the moods have to be so extreme.

Because they are crazy. Don't waste time analyzing it. They are the garbage dump of the zodiac so they have a bit of crazy of every sign in them

Seriously, what sign are you? Other than retard!!

I am dealing with a Pisces man I have been talking to that messaged me on a dating site. I can say it has been rough. If I do not say what he expects to hear then I am either 1, lying or 2, not the same as when we started talking and he cuts communication for a couple days or tells me when I can act like I used that is okay but otherwise if not things are over. It is definitely a roller coaster kind of ride. Just this afternoon he said not to talk to him anymore if I could not be the way I was last week. WTF??? I have to be there when HE WANTS it and be the WAY he wants me to be, but God forbid I should be lying with my answer. Kind of a double edged sword. I still have not figured out what to do.... I am trying to take into account how his zodiac sign is but at the same time how can someone truly keep taking this abuse? Would appreciate any answers on my story also.

By the way sorry to hear about this crappy pisces guy. Just walk away he sounds abusive. You deserve better and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Best of luck. *hugs*

Worry not man they are all like that. I have a brother who is unfortunately a pisces and he easily the most annoying person in existence. They are not empathic of others or they wouldn't throw fits like they do and everything has to be on their terms God forbid you do the wrong thing in their ever growing list of do nots. The worst part is they think they are good people. They are insufferable unforgiving people maybe not all of them, but most I've met share these traits.

I like you

They AREN'T all like that. It's soo sad, how you actually get caught up in your own lie. You shouldn't hold EVERY Pisces accountable for your brother or whoever action. It's too bad, we've never met and be able to see that we're all NOT the same. Based on this here, I probably wouldn't even wanna be bothered with all the non-sense going on smh.

Sounds like your angry with one pisces, she doesn't represent us all does she?

she represents the crazy in you all.

And you represent the insanity in the retard nation. Congratulations. BTW, your attitude SUCKS booo!. This may even be the reason why the Pisces run away and never look back at you, like the fish.

I just need a lot of attention, and btw I see things mainly in black and white - triple Pisces here, and btw if you think you hate pisces more than a pisces hates being one, you have another thing coming.

Im a pisces , i do not act like that.. i guess it's just depends on the way you were brought up. If you give a pisces everything & never have them work hard for something to call their own they'll become very snobby & very dependent on someone. It will also look/feel like they are robbing from you and will show signs of carelessness. If you raise a pisces with respect and boundaries such as do not ask or take or depend on someone & push them in a positive direction to get up & go get what they want in life like a job, a car, etc. then that's when you'll see the difference. Were not all bad people, nor snobby.. im a very kind hearted person who dislikes hurting people & taking from them. I rather do things by myself and for myself, i may have my mood swings & my anger might make me look crazy but its all natural, but just because one person makes herself act/seem that way doesn't mean were all the same.

Hold on .... Whever you are not all pisces are this way life was tough growing up for me so i dont really care what anyone really says im a pisces and all of you other zodiac signs just wont let me in i go went to work for my family when i was a kid i didnt ask for money yeah i guess im hard to read now that i look at it the people who wont let me in i didnt let in i have all pisces traits but i picked up triats of my own and changed little i run things in my life and i dont fall back at all look into different pisces we are not all the same right now i need advice if any one can give me any and im not going to say please that is only if we are cool with each other you got my back i got yours im a different breed of pisces

You guys need to chill not all pisceans are rude it actualy matters there number i am a pisces and thats upsetting to here that. but its true cause sometimes alot of pisceans are snobby im just shy and quiet

Kym I'm a Pisces and nothing like what you described don't stereotype any group of people it makes you look like an idiot.

lmao, my boyfriend is a Pisces and I said the SAME WORDING to a friend earlier..."walking on eggshells" around him!!<br />
I love him so much but, damn. I am a Scorpio/Sag (born on the 22nd...the cusp), and others always say about us Scorpios being "*******" etc. but damn...<br />
Mine is kind hearted and giving but if I do something wrong, he's all over me about it. Or even if I DIDN'T do anything wrong. And NO don't talk about my past lovers..he doesn't want to hear it. He more jealous than me, and my sign is known to be green eyed monsters!!!<br />
But I love my man so much, I think I will hang on to him for a while. Beside, he is older than me, so I think it is being older than me thing too...

Ok thanks for the comments, I am no longer pissed off. <br />
I am a libra so I just want to be treated fairly.

I'm a libra as well and just had my first and worst dating experience ever with a pisces guy. He was so emotionally over the top , telling me how much he liked me and thought I was amazing. He texted me everyday I miss you. Blah blah blah. Then he just blocked me for no reason, with no explaination at all. He blew off plans we had all week and told me good luck with everything. The next day this douche texts me hey I was just stressed. I really do like you a lot lets do something tonight. I say no, he says please give me another chance. I ridiculously agree. We go out. We have fun he compliments me whole time, calls me next day tells me he will call me first thing in the morning. He blocks me again!!!!! What kind of cruel insane person thinks only of himself thus way?! Pisces and libras. No way

(LOL I just had to make an account just so I can add a response to this, lol ikr) So you're a Libra? Okay, I'm currently in high school and I'm gonna share with you my experience in this one Libra girl who I thought was a "real friend". First, she was a new student in our school so I figured out I should talk to her so she would have someone to talk to in her first day, and to make her feel comfortable of course. Later on that day I decided that she could be one of my bestest friends, so I introduced her to my group of friends. Eventually, we were really hitting it off, we became that close. We laugh very hard when we share our jokes, it doesn't really matter when we mess each other things cuz we think it's just for fun. And it came to that time when I thought "I want her to be my bestfriend." Then after a few weeks of being "close friends" with her. There's this other girl who wants to be friends with her. They sit beside each so they have more time to talk to each other. As days goes on, she became distant to me, and when I would mess with her she would become annoyed. She started being friends with this friend who she sit beside with and this friend of her got to be in our group. Then the two of them is the one that got to be bestfriends. I never told her about it. But whenever this best friend of her is absent, she would always talk to me, laugh with me, walk with me, and will always be beside me. But when her new best friend is around she would not talk to me, laugh with me, walk wth me, or will be beside me. This routine of her goes on and on until I realized she was just using me as a replace of her friend when she has no one to talk to! I'm like 'WTF?', but I never said a word, never said a word to anyone about it. I just let her use me even though it hurts me that I thought she was a real friend. Even though I want to hate her I just can't. But at the end of school year I managed to accept it that we're not friends and were never was. Well now she has new friends again and she changed a lot, and they're trying drugs.

Even though I have encountered this person who is a Libra and hurted me. I didn't stereotyped Libra people. Cuz I know every people has different negative and positive traits no matter what their astrological sign is.

I'm a pisces. I am really secretive and I don't say a word when I'm hurt or when I have a problem. I admit I'm sensitive, but a backstabber and a gold digger is never true. People in my school see me as the shy, quiet, and GULLIBLE. When someone would ask me for money in my school, I would resist a little bit but when they beg I give up and lend them money. One of my friends knew this then asked me "Why would you do that? Don't let people take advantage of you." When she asked me this, that's when I realized most people are really taking advantage of me. And I'm like "Wow I'm really gullible and I just let it be." Well now, I'm gonna make sure they won't take advantage of me. Oh life...

ROFL!!! talk about P.O.'ed. Sorry about your experiences with your pisces friends. But maybe you need to quit being around such A*holes, and find some BETTER friends; and if you wanna get all astrological about it, maybe your sign simply isnt compatible with pisces. Either way, YOU need to move on. Dont let jerks kill your mojo/happiness/whatever. Life's too short for that.

Ha, dude, you're barking up the wrong tree. This is probably the wrong place to criticise Pisces. Plus aren't you almost 30? Woman, you need to start acting your age and set your friend a good example or ditch her mang. You're making all of us Kiwi girls look like whiny *******! lol

Hey Kymkiwi, I'm about to debunk your myth.... I'm a pisces and am not going to go all sensitve on you and say:"Hey, you hurt my feelings putting down us wonderful pisceans like that..." You're entitled to your view.<br />
I just want to know are you really a Kiwi???? <br />
Cos so am I and I haven't met any others on EP yet.