I Am a Pisces, Dream Teacher, As You The Manifester Knowers Of All... As We Have Been Sent To Help Show The Way Home,, Yet As Was Said The Ego Runs Ramped On Tera And It's Possible We May Never Be Seen For How We Really Are Because The Ego Wont Allow It.


 To be the first to say I know nother which is inside the absolute, yet I do know what love is and in the everevolving YOU-NIVERSE

In the beginning there was a piece of Oneloves energy placed on this planet. What was to be known would be forgotten? How to love thy neighbor. We are this planets neighbor. You as all Children hold great gifts, unforeseen by Society’s main stream, which has churned into a rushing river. Beneath this river tucked away from the eyes lies jewels more magnificent that imaginable! Like angels of light ready to soar in the heavens! You are the “Greatest Spirits” sleeping gifts, to be awakened and set free, for stable life this life.

  This foundation (YOU and I) was established as a just cause to express the means of spiritual enlightenment through our future generations. To not just Providing the tools necessary for creating self sustainable hub communities, yet initiating over unity enabling us to take part in the funding and restoration of this planet before all is lost!

My intentions were initially based on providing space for young individuals consciously taking part in living there destinies, however I would like to spread our wings to those forgotten youth throughout this world.
To always remember to never forget we are all children in the presence of divine spirit and you are the hope!

I am gathering funding through means to create the music albums, books, and inspirational documentary which will in fact supply many of the tools necessary to heal this planet through the minds on it. Bringing forth an Awakening of earth bound angels through a mass conscious visualization, through hope, raising the energy vibration for all indigenous nations. It's time for Pisces to stand up and step into the power they hold as indavigual... here right now would be great.

If You would like to find out more information or join us on this mission please write. It is very important that all conscious creators of one love are supported in this moment of all moments! If you would like to read my testimony please right and I will send info on retrieval for the moment........... brovo terra tango

kavikadashayne kavikadashayne
31-35, M
Sep 5, 2010