I'm A Pisces

I don't believe in the everyday horoscope, but I do believe in the description of the charatistics of the zodiac signs. Pisces, always the daydreamer, the dreamer, the selfless one, the easily used one, the too kind one, the too giving, or the one that looks at what can be instead of what is. My friends are the ones that protect me from people that want to take advantage, they try to make me stand up for myself but they know I never will. I'm too nice and I know it, but I can't be mean to anyone, well I can but they would have had to have done something unforgivable, which is hard for me to believe because I'm one of those that believe that everyone has something good within them. But sometimes that goodness dies and i have to accept it. I'm always daydreaming because sometimes its better to think about another life or place than where I'm at, at that moment. I love to think about the future because it keeps me going through the present, it makes me want to work for the future. I feel guilty if I say, "bad dog," to my dog when they eat the trash. I just look at them and scratch them behind the ears and talk sweetly to them. And when it comes to love, all i want is to be loved and not feel alone. Some may say that Pisces people are too nice and will never make it in the world without help, that we'll get taken advantage of quickly, but i'd rather be known as a giving, caring, kind, funny, or an awesome friend or an amazing lover, than to be known as someone cruel or push over. I love being a Pisces and i always will.
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you do not wish to be mean to others? or do you feel an overwhelming sense of power that you fear turning loose on lesser energy's. like the loyal knight you guard your friends with ferocity and protect them with your empathy helping them grow like seeds.<br />
in my opinion the Pisces is the master of empathy (appose to cancer who projects emotion not feels others) and in a way physic being able to read others with could be the reason you see good people, delving deep into people seeing the child inside.<br />
Pisces is also water and makes the two fish tethered to the standard dual over mind very adaptable to others skill set's and talents along with changing situations and locations. water is emotion which is translated to pictures and story's (dreams) by your brain, and where the Pisces has a natural ability to retreat inside of this place it makes them very creative.<br />
the Pisces is a duality, unlike others Pisces has two separate tangible entity swimming around inside regulated by the Good and evil Duality often confused with the entirely different Pisces duality. ever felt a disagreement that made your emotions stop happily spinning and feel like it is pulling you in diffident directions.<br />
water has no form so if you find yourself lacking in any skill or feel like you are not whole in some way, find an element/ person of a diffident element.<br />
these are my 'fish friends and enemies': <br />
Capricorn(earth) be careful this earth sigh is just like an Aries but will give you form, you will likely feel very little from this sign but confidence will be obtained through the form(like making a lake in the earth)<br />
Virgo, the element doesn't matter stear clear of you polar opposite.<br />
sagatarious (fire) do not **** this sign off the heat of their emotion could fry your insides.<br />
Scorpio (water) best friend worst enemy don't trust them learn from the most evolved water sign (able to project and empathize) <br />
Taurus (earth) keep one of these close to form a lake, basically giving you stability and form.<br />
i welcome all debates and questions<br />
<br />

Very interesting descriptions. I especially like what you say about how earth signs create a lake for the piscean to swim in. Also being a Scorpio myself, I know how true it is when you say that Scorpio is a best friend/worst enemy and not to trust them. I think deep down, most Scorpios don't trust themselves. There is always a lack of real confidence that makes us susceptible to fate.

me too.. I love being Pisces..:))

Hi, I'm a Scorpio. In reading about my sign, Pisces comes up as a good match for Scorpio. I really believe that. There's a balance and mutual understanding. I am a very emotional person. Most of the time it doesn't show though. Scorpios are very controlling, vindictive and can be downright cruel. I pay attention to details. Pisceans are among the people that I get along with best. They are never offensive. When they are encouraged properly, they are very intelligent and talented and lovely. My mother is a Piscean and I have never fought with her. She is very trustworthy and talented at what she does. She is married to a Leo (my father) and they have had a lot of problems. I don't think Leo is a good match for Pisces because they (leos) are too self-oriented. My dad can easily forget that my mother is there. I am married to a Sagittarius (a masculine or extroverted sign like Leo) and I am not happy with the relationship. She doesn't understand me and doesn't complete me the way that I have always dreamed of. There are complications however that haven't allowed me to separate. Actually, it's mostly my own fear of losing I think. If I try for a divorce I'll probably have to go back to my own country and risk letting go of my children. But I have never lost hope of falling in love and living a true romance.<br />
Anyway, my point is that I really do believe that signs give us insights about people that help us understand each other better. I love being a Scorpio and I love being around Pisceans.

Yeah Pisces/Scorpio is often a good match, and that's funny because I'm a mix of both of them because of my ascendant. It's complex, I can really relate with both of the signs even though they are kind of different. I observed I often had harder time to get along with Aries, Sagittarius and Virgo during my life, while I tend to found deep bond with other Pisces, Scorpio and Taurus.

Actually I was wrong about my dad. I had his birthdate off by a few days. He's a Virgo, not a Leo. But there is still a big difference between them. Virgo seems to have a practicality and need for correctness that Pisces can't understand while Pisces has that empathy and in-born creativity that Virgo doesn't usually get.

its true about pisces!! im not much into horoscopes but i happen to know a few pisces my sister, my dad was one, my boyfriend, a best friend i used to have who was my friend the longest than any other friend ive had i gotta they all have similarity in personality yes they are all have characteristics u mentioned. i even said to both my friend and boyfriend they remind me of one another.lol

Haha thats cool though, that you know some pisces. I don't know that many and it kind of sucks haha but i found this place and its pretty cool. And do they feel guilty when they get after their dogs too :-/, i feel super bad after i get after them lol