Deja Vu

Since I was a little girl I always had Deja Vu about a 1920's Paris.It's a fluid escape.They say pisces are old souls having lived other lives in the past.
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In my childhood, I suppose I saw day dreams.... but they were deja vu.... And so many times I feel like, "I have seen this man/ place before". I can't figure out where and when I have seen those things. I feel I am not really related to this time and sometimes I even miss things that I never knew. I wish I would know what is going on with me....

I too strongly feel sometimes as if I do not even belong to this era.... and should go back perhaps a 500 or more years...<br />
this feeling came much before I came to knew I am Pisces or anything like that.... wow!.. ur post is again taking me to my fantasy lands....

I don't really like the time I'm living in psychic once told me I'm here to perfect my soul like work out my karma.Some lives are good some lives are bad.This present lifetime is suddenly very difficult for me.I look at the 1920's lifetime as a reward like good karma to help me work out this one.I've had lots of past lifetimes.I don't have to concentrate to hard since the past life regression I had years back I can just drift sometimes and I see my past life times when they want to appear.

really? I've had Deja Vu of some things that I've never been too before. How did you know the year and place?

Thanks for caring.Somehow I just knew I feel it and almost can see it sometimes.Also I had a past life regression in 1990 where I saw the past life in detail.I saw glimpes of the past life from the 20's in dreams I had when I was little.They say children sometimes can remember vestiges of past life times.It just felt and seemed familiar.