To Describe a Fishy....

I read this description of Pisces 10+ years ago, and couldn't believe how fitting it was for me.

"The sign here is two fish, one swimming upwards toward enlightenment, and downwards into profanity. Pisecean elements balance both the righteous and the criminal.

Like fish, these people can be hard to fix while they swim about. They have truly open minds, and the capacity to understand a broad range of human experiences.

The two fish that are their sign often result in a sort of ****/saint duality in their lives. While on one hand they have an understanding of higher principles that would put them in a class with the best idealists, their thirst for meaning often finds slake in drink or sex or other base endeavors.

Looking back on my adult years, I have to say that this still holds true in both my actions and thoughts.
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sounds like me

This is SO true.

absolutely agree 100% with JhY702 comment,,, VERY WELL PUT, AND SPOT ON.!

Learn who you are (your true self) Get to know yourself. I use numerology, and astrology, it as really helped me alot. once you learn everything about yourself as a pisces, you can learn to control both side of who you are. Its not an easy road but if I can do it anybody can. I have been able to put the dark side of myself to rest. Always be aware. I also dive very deep into spirituality (not in a religious sence), it helps me to stay focused, helps me to go in one direction rather than going back, as many pisces do. Although my spiritual beliefs change alot im still going in the same direction. although in the past some of my spirituality has been on the dark side, but once I got to know me, I live for love and understanding of all that I can. pisces is the most unusual of all the zodiac. I now live by one rule. AND IT HARM NONE DO AS YOU WILL, that includes harm to myself. there are two different types of pisces. The dreamer and the pasive. we are capable of good and evil, and can pratice both at the same time. its very important to get to know who you are, if you are to be in control of yourself, and your actions. Once you do you will feel the change of your self awareness. You can do it.

Yes, it does even confuse myself , but I am understanding myself more these days the more I delve into astrology

as a fellow pisces, i feel like that description also describes i have 2 sides to me....the side that wants to do good and be a good person but i also like the bad things...

Sounds like you work in a fish market.