Pisces And Cancer Female Friendships

They are a bit antagonistic for me. Sure we start out alright but for some reason they never seem to be wholly committed in the friendship. There was one who which we got along with well but later she was distant and downright callous towards me, and she spoke behind my back a lot ( we were good friends for the 2 months I stayed with her 2 years ago).Lately, I overheard her calling me "childish" and when I texted the other Cancer who's my friend if she noticed that she said "yes  but people say that about her sometimes as well." So, is it that they're more mature than us and why do I constantly feel "not good enough" for them?

I've met two (well three so far) so, I really cannot say that all cancer born people are like this. So, what is it like for you and what can be done to make our friendship better?
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I am a Cancer and my best friend is also a Cancer, and I see what you describe in her but not so much in myself because once I've seen it in her, I make a conscious effort to not be that way with other people. Sometimes I see the same qualities in her that she criticizes in other people. That isn't to say that I'm never antagonistic myself. But I will say that even with my tendency to erect walls and to sometimes be antagonistic, once I'm your friend, I'm pretty much your friend for life no matter what. <br />
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Maybe we come off as unfriendly because we're wary of people who might hurt us. It's a defense mechanism. And maybe your friend was callous towards you because you may have done something that hurt her without realizing it - I'm not saying that anything you may have done justifies her actions because it doesn't. I'm also not suggesting that you did something wrong, I'm just saying there's a possibility she may have perceived something you may have not even have seen as a big deal to be a big deal. Cancer have a tendency to not be upfront about things that are bothering them and thus negative feelings fester and reveal themselves in all the wrong ways. Or maybe your friend has other issues that have nothing to do with you and you've done nothing wrong to her. I don't know. I guess it comes to a point where it depends on each person as an individual and not as their astrological sign.<br />
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Either way, I hope this helps. I don't think that Cancer are inherently more mature than any other sign. We have our own immature weaknesses too (manipulation, possessiveness, jealousy, unwillingness to communicate when something is bothering us, etc...). The thing I would suggest to make ANY friendship better with any sign: communication. You noticed a change in your friend. Did you try talking to her? Approaching her with "authenticity, support, and respect," as written here on this website? There's a note under the box I'm typing in that says "please respond with authenticity, support, and respect." I think that's a good motto for any relationship. I would give it a try, if you haven't already. If you've already tried authenticity, support, and respect, and things aren't getting better then I must say that it's out of your hands. You've done all you can do. You can decide to either stay patient with your friend until she realizes that she needs to take her own responsibility in this situation, or you can decide to protect your feelings and go find friends who respect you enough to know that they need to learn to communicate better with you and that things aren't always just "someone else's fault." If she's unhappy with something going on between the two of you, it's up to her to speak up about it and/or change it. It doesn't solve anything to sit there and talk about you behind your back. THAT is childish.<br />
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Good luck in the future with your friends <3. I hope you meet some examples of Cancer with a heavier emphasis on our positive qualities and not so much the negative qualities. You (as does everyone) deserve the best!