Never-never Land...

I've been completely detached from reality lately. I'm having problems functioning in the real world. As a Pisces I can't always handle reality. I have a tendency to avoid things until they get out of control (Especially finances) I love New Age/Metaphysical studies, and my home is filled with Oracle decks, crystals and candles. I feel like I'm being sucked further and further into the rabbit hole.

I spend a lot of time daydreaming, writing short erotic stories and staring off into space. My Sun-Venus and Mercury are all in Pisces. I have very little Earth in my chart, and it's difficult for me to ground myself. I am constantly floating and drifting. It can actually be emotionally exhausting at times. I was married to a Taurus who brought some stability into my life. He handled the bills and made sure everything was taken care of. I miss that about being married to him. He was a solid person. As a water woman, I needed that in my life.

I'm honest enough with myself to admit I'm a bit of a space-cadet. I'm really all over the place, and I've been this way pretty much my entire life. When the world becomes too overwhelming for me, I disappear into my dream world. But lately it has been difficulty pulling myself out of it. This year I promised myself I would meditate more and focus on my root chakra. I need to anchor myself, or I'm going to float away.
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2 Responses May 21, 2012

Check the position if your moon or moon sign- from what i think i know about astrology, the moon sign is the second strongest influence in astrology- my sign is Pisces-Virgo and it fits me to a T !

I was born on march 10 . I feel the same way, but sometimes I hate reality so much I push ppl away. Do you do this to