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Man, us pisces. The world is full of good people right? Yeah, up until the point we have been used so much that we can't believe that bullsh*t anymore. I was born to love, to give, to respect others, to want others to respect me, to dream to be free, to care, to want to need. I been like this all my life and I got one answer for it all....I'm a P.I.S.C.E.S!

Sometimes I'm glad I'm this way and other times I say damn I wish I was a mouthy Leo or fisty Virgo. But I'm not. I am one who will dig deep to find the meaning in relationships. I am one who thinks before I speak and take into consideration the feelings of others. I'm a free spirited person but I have my limits. I love being water sign but sometimes I just need some fire in my life.

The biggest thing about being a Pisces is that the man that I loved with all my heart was a Sagittarius! I'm trying to put that behind me though. Sag and Pisces, we don't mix well at all and that's the very reason I'm on this site spilling my guts now cause he has broken my heart. But hey if you handle my acronyms (heehee) and in the mood for the best sensual partner a man could have... hit me up. I am a single Pisces btw. :)
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

O: I can completely feel you. I dated a Sagittarius for two years, & she ended up breaking my heart. It's something hard to get over, but eventually we will both find better :]

I'm not able to take you up on that offer, but as a man (scorpio) with a pisces woman, i can attest to the sensuality of a pisces woman. Not only that, Pisces women more than satisfy even the voracious appetite of (at least this) scorpio man.

Yes, very sensual us pisces :) I Never dated a scorpio though but they tell me that we are highly compatible. If I run into a scorpio one day I hope it's all that they say it is.