Pisces Ox

Years of the Ox: 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997

Keywords:  Understanding, Perception, Creativity, Compatibility, Awareness, Spirituality, Diffidence, Lack of Will, Fearfulness, Smugness, Rage, Indecision, Stubbornness, Strength of Purpose, Eloquence, Standoffishness, innovation, Vindictiveness, Integrity, Bigotry, Plodding, Diligence, Bias, Stability

"I believe" - Water, Jupiter/Neptune, Mutable

"I preserve" - Negative Water, Yin

General Pisces/Ox

The Pisces born in an Ox year is quite a character. Just when you think this person is nothing more than froth and furbelow, thwack! He or she floors you with a remark that would knock the wind out of Chicago. The gap between the basic slugger nature of Oxen and Pisces ephemeralness misleads one. Never forget that you can't judge a book by its cover. The Pisces/Ox seems for all the world the artiste, the stereotypical Pisces dreamer. But wait! Pisces/Ox is perhaps even more of a schemer than a poet.  This person's enmity is a force to be avoided at all cost.

The Pisces/Ox has the capacity for sarcasm but prefers another more insidious weapon.  This subject is a card-carrying member of the "erosion school of winning." Pisces/Ox doesn't stoop to fisticuffs or intimidation.  He is too sensitive for such vulgar means.  Instead, when Pisces/ oxen seek to overcome a hurdle or fell a bastion, they wait.  They scheme and plot and deviate and cogitate.  But they don't make a move. They busy themselves with knitting or crossword puzzles, letting time slip by.

You see, the Pisces sensitivity and the Ox's strength of purpose can make an unbeatable match.  If properly handled, the combination of signs guarantees success.  I say success instead of happiness because the Pisces/Ox is still a fluid, aquatic creature no matter how many hooves he has on the ground.  This person may never be perfectly, blissfully content.  Yet thanks to his super sensitive nature antennae about people, the Pisces/Ox can reach a point where he never makes an error in judging others.  This person senses what's weakest about his adversaries.  So he plans strategies. Then, without hue or cry, he sits back and giggles while he watches his enemy paint himself into a corner. 

Pisces/Oxen have strong opinions on many subjects.  People are drawn to them by virtue of their sense of compassion and understanding.  This person almost never lives alone, but rather is surrounded by family and a few privileged friends to whom he or she is devoted, and vice versa. Pisces/Oxen are loved and looked up to and respected.  They don't take any guff from losers, nor do they tolerate insubordination.  They are all for the sake of perpetuation of family and tradition, they plainly do not comprehend treachery or betrayal. Mutual respect is paramount to this solid citizen.

The Pisces born in an Ox year likes to be listened to.  He tells terrific tales. Moreover, without their ability to develop plots and expound juicy details, Pisces/Oxen would be rather shy.  The Pisces/Ox's eloquence is the key to his or her social success. Financial success comes rather naturally to this steady and innovative person.  The ingredients for riches are all here: determination, ambition, know-how and, most of all, love of comfort and security.

Love: This person often has a busy sex life.  Pisces injects the Ox's normally so-so libido with extra get up and go. Since much of the activity of this person is covert anyway, secret affairs and labyrinthine, sentimental plots will play a large role in his love life. Marriage is of course important to the Pisces Ox.  He cannot survive without a family. But curiously, his family's opinions doesn't always jibe with what he wants.  This can create conflicts and engender much dissatisfaction in the Pisces/Oxen heart.

If you love a Pisces/Ox be grand.  The Pisces born in Ox years craves scope and looks for a complementary broad-minded soul with whom to share his or her life. As this person often feels her own values are stodgy or old-fashioned, she is attracted to  eccentricity and even kinkiness in lover.  If you're a little odd and marginal, you risk being tailed by a steady-gaited Pisces/Ox.

Compatibility: Rats are your favorites.  Try staying within the families of Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio or Capricorn Rats if you want concord to reign in your life.  Beyond Rats you can seek your pleasure among Snakes and Roosters of the same four families I mentioned above.  A Scorpio Dragon will also excite you. On the down side I'd advise against Gemini and Virgo/Dragons. Don't take up with Sagittarius/Goats or Monkeys. You need calm and they cannot offer that quality.

Home and Family: The Pisces/Ox's home is his chateau. For the sake of his home and the symbol it represents of cohesion and reputation vis-a-vis the world, this person will kill.  You must not be surprised to find deep classical sofas and carpets, marbles and period furniture in this grandeur-addict's home.  Scale is of major importance to him also.  He favors symmetry and soft colors. The artwork will be mostly representational; the Pisces/Ox is not comfortable with the abstract.  He's sensitive to material beauty of a concrete nature.

      This parent is demanding and intransigent.  He or she loves the children so fiercely as to feel the need to keep them forever. The Pisces/Ox family image is central to his equilibrium. He can see himself forever involved with his kids.  She doesn't even envision their total independence from her, nor does she see the need for children to move away from parents when they are married.  A family is a family, and the Pisces/Ox is a dutiful and generous monarch.

This child's sensitivity will be apparent from an early age.  All that is pretty and feminine will appeal. Gentleness is assured.  Disciplines that require long-lasting, detailed applicant are open to this receptive talent.  He will probably be gifted for languages, and can be encouraged in all things literary and artistic.  Don't divorce on this kid's account.  He'd prefer a fighting family to no family at all.


Profession: The steady and courageous Pisces/Ox can go very far and become really, really rich if he or she so chooses.  They are, first of all, creative and innovative.  Secondly, they possess giant strength and dedication.  They want luxury and they know how to win through patience and fore bearing. Should they put all of these talents to work, they have to succeed. They can, however, because of their loyalty to family and tradition, so steered by unscrupulous or thoughtless parents into careers that don't suit their need to be first.

     Pisces/Ox integrity is so apparent that as a boss, he is first of all respected.  He or she will want everything well done--the corners all neat and those copies crystal clear.  Not an easy superior to work for, but certainly not wishy-washy.  This person makes a reliable, if a bit slower, employee , too.  Pisces born in Ox years don't have to own the company.  They may be content to earn as much money as the owners but to stay out of the public eye.  There is little desire for fame in this person.  If it happens, fine.  If not, anonymous wealth will be all right.

      Some careers that might please this creature are: lawyers, artists (all kings), cinematographer, company director, writer, administrator, stock broker, banker, office manager, eminence grise.

Famous Pisces: Albert Einstein, Harry Belafonte, John Ernst Steinbeck, Liza Minnelli, Sidney Poitier, Pope Paul II, George Frideric Handel, W. E. B. Du Bois, Smokey Robinson, Cindy Crawford, Ivana Trump, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Niecy Nash, Drew Barrymore, Ted Kennedy, Johnny Cash, Chelsea Clinton, Elizabeth Taylor, Bernadette Peters, Ron Howard, Jon Bon Jovi, Jessica Biel, Shaquille O'Neal, Emmanuel Lewis, Chuck Norris, Michael Caine, Mark McGrath, J.Z. Knight, Kurt Russell, Nat "King" Cole, Rob Lowe, Queen Latifah, Bruce Willis, Glen Close, Spike Lee, Holly Hunter, Kurt Cobain, Peter Fonda, Steve Jobs, George Harrison, Bernadette Peters

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Here is my own version of a Pisces-Ox, I am also one myself, please give me honest feedback so I can tweak it where necessary. It isn't complete yet either.

Pisces Ox

Attempting to put the Pisces Ox in any given category Is all but impossible. They are self-sufficient thinking machines who are not only dreamy and creative but also agile and grounded, making for a spectacular combination. If they truly believe in their capabilities this sign can become extremely successful. They believe that hard sustained work will achieve results, whether this be in the pursuit of love or career and eventually they will obtain the end goal of their desires.

Perhaps the most notable fault of this sign is the need for reassurance at times, and the lack of understanding for criticism. Be wary of offending this creature because they do not forget easily and will without doubt make you look entirely foolish when they seek revenge. The Pisces Ox is passionate about many subjects. They are very keen on nature, geology, the universe and anything of a scientific nature. It could be said that this sign is a walking encyclopaedia! They seek answers to life's most challenging subjects, giving them a sense of fulfilment. Just when you think they are nothing more than a typical pisces dreamer they will astound you with a remark that will make you question everything you once thought you knew about a subject. It is not this creatures intention to confuse you, merely for you to look deeper into a scenario. They have no time for subjectivity or self-opinionated people where there is no substance to an argument, however, if they respect you, then your opinion will be extremely valid and will allow them to formulate a new perspective on something inclusive of the new knowledge passed on by the conversation.

The Pisces Ox can at times be confused with being arrogant or obnoxious, but they simply trust their own beliefs and ideals, which makes them tough people to break down, and why should you want to call them arrogant when this person is ideal to have as a back-up buddy and a solid intelligent friend? If you are ever in need of help and they feel it is truly merited, they will be at your side. Abuse the trust of this creature and you risk being forgotten altogether because they simply do not comprehend treachery.

Loyal by nature you will do well to stick by your Pisces Ox, whether in friendship, business or love because they look after anyone who is faithful to them, even if at times they may seem to disappear for a while. You will always be in the heart and mind of this creature if they consider you worthy. These steady grazers are determined, ambitious, generous and meticulous, but they do also have addictive personalities. They can very easily fall into the trap of gambling or in the early stages of life tend to experiment with recreational substances and can even become obsessive in relationships. They do however, unlike certain types, learn from mistakes and once the initial growing up phase is over they tend to quickly get back on track. Up until the late 20's this sign's personal life is like an earthquake bearing tsunami!


When a Pisces Ox falls in love it is very deep. This will initially happen a few times until they get to a stage, usually about mid 20's and realise that their approach to love borderlines desperation, which is absurd considering these creatures are usually extremely beautiful or very handsome. After this phase they learn the true meaning of love and that it is much better to let it find you than to search in vain and make categoric mistakes.They get insanely jealous about infidelity, although they themselves can be known to stray if passion is lacking in a relationship.

They will always find a mate to settle with, and this usually needs to be a grounded, confident individual who has a desire to explore the world, to build a beautiful home together and to want the finest things in life. A potential partner of the Pisces Ox absolutely has to be able to put them in their place. A firm manner is needed to gain the love and respect of the Pisces Ox, so anyone from a shy more introverted sign will not bear well in a relationship here. Passionate relationships for the Pisces Ox can be found in water signs of Snakes, Roosters and Rats. They are also very suited to Tauren's of most signs because of the steady nature and similarities between the Ox and the Tauren.

Family life is very important to this sign. They will always come back home at some point, and usually have a very strong family bond with every member of the family. The opinion of the Pisces Ox in a family is regarded most highly, they are respected and admired by the union and will usually be the first person consulted about any given situation of importance, where they are relied on for guidance and stability.

Best matches:-
Cancer Snake - 96%
Cancer Rooster - 93%
Scorpio Snake - 94%
Scorpio Rooster - 84%
Taurus Snake - 87 %
Taurus Rooster - 86%

Sean Paul Bowley.

Hmm, I'm also an '85 Pisces Ox. I don't find this description all that accurate, particularly the comparison to Taurus, to be honest. Even if we were to say the Western equivalencies are valid the Ox is Capricorn. The Snake would be Taurus. I'm not saying that your article necessarily states the Ox is Taurus but I've seen the mistake made elsewhere pretty often. And the signs are really not that similar. I've read as many descriptions of the Ox being impatient and ruthless as ones describing it as "patient," which is the only trait I see it sharing with Taurus. The Chinese adage for the Ox is "The Ox is slow, but the Earth is patient." I think the "slowness" and "patient" descriptions probably translate better to diligence and thoroughness. My dad's a Taurus to boot, and (not that I'm proud of this) the only one I've ever taken much note of. I find Taurus (regardless of Chinese sign, although the Yang/even years are a little more outgoing) kind of boring. Then again I'm into a lot of Taurean musicians, but the chemistry is not there. Capricorns are cool, cannot beat their sense of humor but their sharp edge...is pretty sharp (my mom is one). I like Virgos the best and actually I can't think of anyone I know whose birthday makes them a Virgo who I wouldn't consider a friend. I've noticed extreme food and material indulgence in every Taurus I've ever met though, and this is really the opposite representation of the more austere Ox sign. Again it's more like Capricorn and strongly identified with a certain system of ethics that it adheres to almost absolutely, for better or worse. Also worldly accomplishment, fair play, things that require consistent exertion and an excellent foundation. Taurus is more associated with artisan craftsmanship and aesthetic objects, whereas Capricorn is the architect and more society-oriented. There is a different between consistency and tenacity in behavior/actions versus being evenhanded and emotionally balanced. The clearest contrast is that Taurus is VERY forgiving and that is a trait in most every description of that sign - not forgetful to the extent of naivety as Pisces is described, simply unwilling to hold grudges or painful resentments. Taurus is a sensualist and lover (associated with Venus). Whereas Capricorn and the Ox are probably the most unforgiving signs in the zodiac and very, very prone to holding grudges. I'll admit it's even an issue for me and I'm a Pisces! So onto to that portion of my commentary.

I'm not sure what "firm" denotes in a partner but it doesn't sound like anyone I've ever found desirable. In fact I've always been highly discriminating in terms of the authority I'm willing to submit to - and those people are mentors, educational or governmental figures, not partners. I like a partner who is above all emotionally stable, cheerful, and basically willing to encourage me endlessly to express myself against my shy, conforming tendencies. Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of enthusiasm but I also tend to anticipate being misjudged or judged harshly over petty issues. This entails me only opening up to the people I trust and wasting time I could use pursuing a professional goal only to finally pursue it when I finally get fed up with a situation to the point of exhaustion and/or fury. Above all I consider the worst betrayal being manipulated or controlled, an act infidelity in and of itself is not nearly as bad. Like most Pisces I think developing the courage to follow my intuition and defend myself against opportunistic people was hard won. Nobody is going to romance me trying to challenge that. I'm more likely to lay the smack down on anyone who would try and argue I'm somehow too big for my britches. I've dropped guys on their *** who tried "negging" me after a few dates thinking it'd get me to believe I wasn't good enough for anyone else. And one or two got stalkerish after that and I had no trouble dissociating from my sympathetic nature, telling them where to go (as well any mutual friends that they were creeps I wanted to leave me alone immediately). I get lots of remarks about my backbone coming out of nowhere and slapping someone in the face, just as the first description says. I would also say I was also my most volatile in all respects as a child, learned more or less how to conduct myself as a teen, and by far made the least missteps during my 20's, even after getting married at 23. I also like few Snakes but we're not totally incompatible. I think it's probably different for women dealing what is usually younger Snake men or significantly older ones. However I seem to attract Rats, Pigs, Roosters in droves. Even though they irritate me a bit, I do tend to fall for the suaveness and ingenuity of Rats, and being as persistent as they are, I guess they just wear down my defenses haha. My cousin's also a Pisces Ox and got married the year after I did. I look forward to increased stability in my 30's :)

You left out 1950 I was told that was a year of the ox I was born January 30 1950

I am a pisces/ox and this rings so true it's actually creepy!

wow this makes me sound way more interesting than I am o.O thanks, I needed the ego boost. :)

yes it is perfec tly normal for an Ox to be as you have described. i have been madly in love with my Pisces Ox for two years and yet he is an enigma still!! As a rooster, you will both be very compatible. the Leo/Pisces connection is questionable but i wouldn't let that worry you, if you click, then you click - my pisces and i are supposed to be opposed astroligically but we are like twins. Numerology is another excellent way to see if you are compatible and you can find free calculators on the internet.

i have a pisces ox bf he is misterious and very silent.. is this normal to him? and i am leo rooster are we compatible?

Caramel I got this from a book I own.

Can you email me about Pisces/Rats please?

Where did you find this as I want to read more about the Pisces/Rat which is what i am

Am ox... and i m so sad i love a girl and she left me year ago but i still love her with all my might ):

I don't actually have this info on hand.

I am a pisces ox too

glad I finally finished this story

very interesting my friend!

I apologize I should have finished this by now. I found it to be incredibly true and wanted to share.

i am a pisces/ox. i live the description.

COME ON YOU PISCES!!!!!!!!!!!!