I'm A Virgo And I'm Madly In Love With A Pisces.

I just have questions... I'm so crazy about this girl but she has a bad habit of disappearing from me. I know that's just her way of dealing with the stress in her life... But what can I do to help? I can't seem to give her the space she needs.. It tears me apart, I don't let her see that though, of course, I just try to not talk as much.. I still talk though, probably more than I should.. And I have a habit of giving "pep talks." I don't know if that's bad or not. She doesn't seem phased by anything I say really.. But lately, she's been trying really hard to stick around and not ignore me. What goes on in your head, pisces women?
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1 Response Sep 17, 2012

Pisces...they're more of a mystery to me than scorpios ._. hmm...well my friend is a pisces and he is pretty emotional. He can't hide it either. Anyway, she is lucky to have someone that cares about her. ....... .___. I wish I could help out more hm..
Kurt Cobain was pisces.
Also, be careful if you want to "help her out" and don't point out anything she needs to change. That from virgos tends to hurt other zodiac signs. Especially pisces.
Don't let that keep you from speaking your mind either.
meh, actually just do wut u want mate. xD
g'ahhh I hope this helps a little c:
~Leo female