Some Pisces Facts

are these true for you? 100% for me

I'm DIFFERENT yeah i'm DIFFERENT" Pisces are 100% DIFFERENT !!!!

Pisces hate rumor-spreaders, gossipers, ****-talkers, DRAMA creators.... They don't need that in their life,...

Having sex with a Pisces is a very spiritual experience.

If you don't care deeply for Pisces and really just want a roll in the hay, they'll know it in a nanosecond and swim away.
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8 Responses Oct 9, 2012

i allways felt different but i didnt think thats the reason

Heh, that sounds right.


nice...straight to the point!!!

me too a Pisces !!

agree full heartedly but cant spell ha ha

I am not a great "starry" person so, I am just blank

As a Pisces I totally agree. :)