Day In The Lif Of Pisces

I've always been fascinated by astrology as a kid and when I read up about the traits of Pisces, I found so uncanny how...close the description was. I was always sensitive and daydreamed a lot, constantly losing focus of all that was around me. The older I get the more of my traits I see. I have accepted that I can be a heavy duty escapist and tend to run from problems than face them. I can be such a ball of emotion and sometimes it's frustrating. I recently met another Pisces and sometimes only she can understand the complexity of it all.

:( I want to know more Pisces people.
NeptuneStar NeptuneStar
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3 Responses Dec 12, 2012

I am a Pisces.. March 18th .... Almost everything you described is me in several ways. Do you have very lucid Dreams ? I also have been working on how to use my traits to my advantage... My intuition and instinct is very sharp and I have started to listen to it ... don't second guess.

I only know two other Pisces: my little sister and my boyfriend's sister. I would like to know more as well, it's one reason I joined this site!

Haha somehow.. I find that pisces like the fishes they are swim in schools! My closest circle of friends are always Piscean, although that has been changing as I get older.