Finding Other Pisceans

Being a piscean can be a challenge to say the least. Myself being one along with my youngest daughter. Recently we have been meeting other piscean's both male and female , who  are just like us, enjoy, art and crafts, music, drama,  animals, nature these are all things that are dear to alot of us. And yes we can be the mushy stuff (hopeless romantic's) as well. At times it is difficult for other signs to remotely understand a piscean. But you know even we don't understand ourselves at times too. One of the greatest things about being a piscean is our sensitivity to others, it's not easy. As we have such, caring hearts about everything. that it is so easy to be taken in by others (sob stories) before we realise it. biggest thing is to keep positive as on the negative, drugs and alcohol are often the downfall of a piscean. I like being who I am a piscean woman and proud of it. You know there are so many different careers out there that pisceans are great at, i know a few, who a Social workers, counsillors, actors and actresses, awesome moms, nurses, vets, you name vertuallly anything in the caring professions and yes some are exceptionally gifted spiritually. Pisceans are awesome people. but you know life would be pretty boring if we where all the same. One of our biggest challenges  in life is to understand ourselves.

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2 Responses Feb 9, 2009

I thought Pisceans were those ancient people what lived in Greece. Or was that Myceans. I am confused again. Has anyone seen my cork screw.

You described us quite well :-) Well said!