Well, If The Shoe Fits...

I look at my life and I see a fair few times where I've fit the example of a typical pisces. I've been dependant on alcohol, cigarettes, medication, illegal drugs, and I've had many other vices. I was quite sickly and weak when I was younger (still not fantastic healthwise now), I had a lot of spiritual experiences, I was always very empathetic and could 'sense' energy, intentions, etc. I know I can be deliberately charming and can be very extravagant in my tastes (although I've learned to live without a lot of the good things in life), I've always loved the water, I have trouble making decisions, and I've even had or been very interested in a lot of 'pisces occupations' and hobbies. I have to consider my whole chart though because I also have some very 'non pisces' attributes, even 'non chart' attributes. For example I'm a decent fighter and have had a keen interest in combat before, I have an extremely fiery temper, I've worked in some very 'earth element' occupations, I'm a rather sturdy son of a gun (thus not really fitting the piscean body type), I'm rebellious to the point of being almost aquarian sometimes, I'm not easily tricked, I'm a natural leader, and I have a keen interest in fiery explosions and the like. Despite those things I have identified with some pisces characteristics in the past and I suppose I'll continue to do so, I mean astrology can only go so far in describing a person and their destiny.      

Explodey Explodey
22-25, M
1 Response Mar 2, 2010

Working on that as we speak :P.