Death of a Cactus

i kill all plants.  easy plants, difficult plants, plants with college degrees, nomadic plants, plants with a purpose, flowering plants, medicinal plants, plants with babies...    my latest, another cactus. 

i try.  i talk to them, i water them, sometimes i give them vitamins, i choose perfect locations for them to thrive.  nothing seems to work.  is it my breath??

FiFiDelmar FiFiDelmar
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4 Responses Apr 1, 2008

oh wait, i left out one very important part of the story. you know the lugging around of the big smelly bags of fertilizer, etc? i was wearing heels, i had just come from some sort of gathering that required them. (living on the coast, this is not the norm) so, i was teetering on these damn heels, walking on my toes while toting these five or ten pound bags. spectacle!!!!!!!!!!!

i have two sisters, so four women in all. (counting mom) mom and one can grow orchids from the cracks in the driveway... my other sister and i are hopeless and yes, murderers. i mean, when you kill cactus on a regular basis - there is a problem and i live in a cactus climate. i gave up - i have this wonderful man named LUIS. <br />
there was a growing brown patch in my front yard grass thing, that is still happening. i spent over an hour (not joking) at lowes, trying to figure out if i needed "weed and seed", just weed killer (organic of course) or did i need to seed the brown spots. this quandry, lugging the big sacks around because i couldn't find a basket --- i'm not sure where my mind was that day. usually luis makes the purchases. clearly, we see why. anyway, i walked out of there empty handed, smelly from petsticides and mad at myself for the ridiculousness of what just happened. i should have just grabbed the microphone and requested service... i guess that would have been too obvious and easy. so, in the end - not only am i a plant killer, but i cannot even figure out how to fertilize my front lawn with the proper products. raise white flag!

I have managed to whack every african violet I ever had. My mom meanwhile has them tumbling out of the pots and rooting in the overfill saucer. <br />
All kidding aside. Have you looked at an enviromental reason? like heat or ac filters, maybe cleaning supplies, or if you have pets. (i had a tom cat that ...ummm... marked all my new plants (they died within a day or two). So it may not be you ...but "someting in the air". outside. do you have grass with no problem? if it's patchiy or doesn't grow, take some soil to the agricultural extension office and have it checked. good luck

i'm sorry. funny thing is i kill the ones i want to grow and can't kill the ones i want to get rid off. <br />
ex: the 15 foot cactus i wanted to ditch so the kids would have a place to play? nope- it regenerates everytime. the wisteria bush i want more than anything ever to grow at my house? dead in a week, the second one, dead 3 weeks, the third, fourth and fifth.. you get the picture.