I can indeed!!

Did you know... the word for not being able to find the word is called lethologica?

Why the **** I remember that instead of the actual word I'll never know!
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When you ladies use the stories to comment back and forth why not click "like" to add a few points? I gather they are going to add some new uses for them.

What donut? Huh, there's donuts?????

Thought that you were going to see if you had something to jump start your memory.... LIKE A FITTER!!!!!<br />
<br />

Wow... *looks at coffee* nup.. that's one cup of coffee *goes to washhouse and yells back* what else was I doing while I was down here?

Probably cause you just had 2 cups of coffee and 6 peppermint chocolates is all and a apple fritter would go a long way right now!!!!.

Why is it that I can remember a plethora or useless words, lyrics, and people, but when I sit to write an assignment the only thing that comes to mind is Mmmmmm Donuts?

Hehehe.... Yea why is it that you can remember big words like that but have to spell check smaller words lethal? LOL!!!!